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Democracy’s Most Reckless Caretaker

April 23, 2017

David Remnick nailed it in The New Yorker.

With his nativist and purely transactional view of politics, he threatens to be democracy’s most reckless caretaker”: “On April 29th, Donald Trump will have occupied the Oval Office for a hundred days. For most people, the luxury of living in a relatively stable democracy is the luxury of not following politics with a nerve-racked constancy. Trump does not afford this. … The hundred-day marker is never an entirely reliable indicator of a four-year term, but it’s worth remembering that Franklin Roosevelt and Barack Obama were among those who came to office at a moment of national crisis and had the discipline, the preparation, and the rigor to set an entirely new course. Impulsive, egocentric, and mendacious, Trump has, in the same span, set fire to the integrity of his office.

Ben Carson Proves He Is Well…Unsuited For His Job

April 23, 2017

Who would have thought someone with no abilities would prove to be so incompetent?  The answer is everyone who knew Ben Carson.

“God is Ben Carson’s favorite subject. Brain surgery is a close second. Housing is somewhere further down the list. … Less than two months into the job, Carson still holds forth on God and neurosurgery, but his views on housing policy remain largely a mystery. While he’s making good on a promised listening tour to learn about the $48 billion agency he now leads, he’s done little public speaking about the urgent issue at hand – a lack of affordable housing.

“That’s one reason why early excitement over his nomination has given way to bewilderment and now frustration. Every policy job at the agency remains vacant, and advocates who thought Carson’s celebrity would raise awareness of affordable housing have been disappointed. President Donald Trump doused any remaining hope when he said he would slash HUD funding by 13.2 percent.”

Brutal Front Page Of Sunday Newspaper For Donald Trump

April 23, 2017

Lead story — “Trump polls at record lows … LEAST POPULAR PRESIDENT IN MODERN TIMES… Base still loyal; 73% approve of efforts to keep jobs here–It is a must read by Dan Balz and Scott Clement.

“Trump’s first months in office have produced some tangible successes. Beyond the continued enthusiasm of his most loyal supporters, a small majority of Americans see him as a strong leader. A bigger majority approves of his efforts to pressure U.S. companies to keep jobs in this country. Those who say the economy is getting better outnumber those who say it’s getting worse by the biggest margin in 15 years in Post-ABC polling. But the president’s balance sheet overall tilts toward the negative. Majorities of Americans say Trump has not accomplished much during his first months as president. Meanwhile, he shows little improvement on his temperament and honesty, and while he’s gained ground on empathy, over 6 in 10 still say he does not understand the problems of people like them.”

The president’s approval rating stands at 42 percent, the lowest recorded at this stage of a presidency dating to Dwight Eisenhower. Trump’s 53 percent disapproval rating is 14 percentage points higher than Bill Clinton’s 39 percent disapproval in April 1993, the worst before Trump. Eight years ago, then-president Barack Obama’s approval was 69 percent, his disapproval 26 percent.

The Post-ABC poll finds 43 percent of Americans said they strongly disapprove of Trump’s performance. That’s also the worst by far of any president since George H.W. Bush by more than double. In the spring of 1993, 21 percent said they strongly disapproved of Clinton’s performance.

Cultivating Memories

April 21, 2017

Here is the post from my James this morning. Touching and gentle.

              PD_0030  It’s a sunny day out this morning.  The sky is blue and from the sound of the birds in the yard, all is well.  In some ways, I suppose it is; in other ways, not so much.  My sister, Melissa, has called for the third time in as many weeks with news from home.  It hasn’t been good news.  About ten days ago, my grandmother’s brother, Arthur, passed away.  He was 86 and a longtime resident of Ohio; he had spent much of his working career as a truck driver hauling freight.  His wife, Nancy, had called Sherwood, my step-grandfather, to let us know.  Nancy and Sherwood are both 81 themselves.  Today, Melissa called to let me know that shortly after midnight, Grammy Sweet, Arthur’s older sister and my grandmother, had ended her struggle as well.  She had…

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All Eyes On French Election This Weekend

April 21, 2017

There is a most important first-round election taking place this week in France.  And it impacts our world.

There is no doubt that the terrorist attack in Paris this week is reminding the world of the stakes in this weekend’s French election.  The harsh racism of Marine Le Pen of the far-right National Front party welcomes the headlines as it plays into her rotting narrative.  Immigrations and thrashing the Islamic faith have been her trademarks.  While Donald Trump isn’t endorsing a candidate there is no doubt where he stand.  Populism run amok was the way he steamed his way into the White House and he would love to see Le Pen do the same in France.  His tweet said as much when he wrote “The people of France will not take much more of this. Will have a big effect on presidential election!”

The French election has also given way to a potential proxy war playing out between Trump and his predecessor, President Obama. While Trump has stopped short of an outright endorsement, Obama weighed in by giving another front-runner candidate Emmanuel Macron a phone call this week.  There is no doubt the final two candidates for the second-round of votes will be Macron and Le Pen.  But will the populist anger and tossing aside of reason and facts spread over that European country as it did here?

One of the reason this matters so much to America and all in the world is the foreign policy of the Trump White House.  I need not write here that the bluster and swagger is not the diplomatic type that makes for a safer world.  Should Le Pen prevail in the second round it would test the world in very profound ways.  It also would place into question the moral failings of those who supported her candidacy–as the vile nature of her views can be no more accepted by the world community than those of Trump.

A final view of the polls show that Centrist Emmanuel Macron and far-right leader Marine Le Pen are virtually tied in the polls, with conservative François Fillon and far-left firebrand Jean-Luc Mélenchon not far behind.

Let us pray for sanity.

White Trash In The White House

April 20, 2017

Things can not have changed as dramatically as this picture indicates they have. Right?

When did men start to not understand that taking off their hats when entering a building is a proper thing to do?  And what type of upbringing did these men have that they would not even observe that matter of good taste in of all places THE WHITE HOUSE?

When I saw this photo I knew at once White Trash was front and center in the White House.  Simply low brow behavior from the very ones we most expect it of in this nation.   Kid Rock, Sarah Palin, and Ted Nugent have demonstrated in one photo why they are phony patriots but Number One fools.

Honoring President Richard Nixon On 23rd Anniversary Of His Death

April 20, 2017

Saturday, April 22nd marks the day 23 years ago that President Richard Nixon died.   In 1994 Nixon passed away after suffering a stroke four days prior.   To reflect on the man and his times CSPAN 3 is providing programming that will allow the nation to look back and ponder.

Friday, April 21 on C-SPAN 3

Nixon’s Post-White House Years
8 PM ET / 5 PM PT

An ensemble of aides reflects on the President’s years in San Clemente. Featuring Col. Jack Brennan, Frank Gannon and Ken Khachigian. Moderated by Hugh Hewitt. From the February 2017 RN alumni reunion.

Reflections on Richard Nixon by Ben Stein 
9 PM ET / 6 PM PT

Delivered to commemorate RN’s 104th birthday on January 9, 2017.

Opening of the New Nixon Library 
10 PM ET / 7 PM PT

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