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Donald Trump And Queen Victoria, New Title For Trying Times

August 22, 2019

Yes, you read that post title correctly.  I am about to write on the topic of Donald Trump and Queen Victoria.


Each day I spend time somewhere back in the pages of history.  I always have several books going at any given time so I can decide on how I feel as to which era, or continent I wish to land with my coffee pot.   (Today it was Blueberry Crumble while I found myself in the late 19th century Europe).

For readers who might stop on this post months from now, it needs to be stated this week Trump has made a most dreadful series of comments which gives a whole new meaning to the messianic complex.  It has been most embarrassing for our country.

So it was quite ironic as I read Chapter 16 (The Road To War) of The Silk Roads by Peter Frankopan that Britain finds itself being pressured by an ever-more confident Russia.  For all their efforts the Brits had not been able to match their diplomatic and political moves with their economic power.  How might Britain show they were more than a mere country among fellow countries?

How about changing the title of the monarch from a royal to an imperial title?  At the time the Russian Czar had a formal title and at times used his name in reference to an elaborate and lengthy list of territories he lorded over.  In time Vicotria will be known as both Queen and Empress.

This week we have seen that Trump believes he has been selected by God to lead this nation.  He now even stands in front of the White House press corps, while holding his hands in supplication, as he glances to heaven while revealing he was chosen to deal with China on trade issues.  Trump has found the title of “The King of Isreal” from a right-wing radio source, along with being viewed as “the second coming of God” to be worthy of embracing and repeating.

Clearly, Trump is shackled by the mere title of his office, given his selection by God to lead.  While Queen Victoria had a title change to check geopolitical spheres of influence Trump is in need of a title that will more resemble the Sun King, Louis XIV.  The fact that Louis was actually very religious and offered daily devotions all his life will not bother Trump, no more than any other fact on any other issue has proved to be a deterrent.

Trump clearly has a desire to be more than a mere mortal elected by humans to serve in government.  He fancies himself to reside in an elevated position of power and respect that communes with God and then speaks to the people.  People like Trump were once thought to be delusional.  Now a sizable segment of the nation calls him president and even are proud to have voted for him.

Can the large vats of Kool-Aid to be far away from being served?

What I was interested in learning was within hours of Trump claiming to be “the chosen one”  the term “antichrist” began trending on Twitter in the United States.

I think Trump should be labeled as nothing more than akin to a televangelist. He is a fraud and purveyor of blarney and bull.  That undereducated people fall for his lines are as much a sign that something is wrong with our society as it is that Trump is mentally unstable and in need of institutional care.

Finally, I wish to ask forgiveness from lovers of history for linking Queen Victoria with someone she would have found to be totally loathsome.

Donald Trump As Jesus Christ

August 22, 2019

This week has been utterly deplorable, thanks to Donald Trump.  He is disgusting.  What happened this week underscores why the majority of voters were correct when summing up Trump in 2016 as unacceptable.  It does need to be pounded home, again and again, that the under-educated in this country are to blame for the election outcome.  What happened this week is their fault, too.

They may now wish to hide from the news or pretend how awful it is to talk about the latest Trump messes.  But let us make clear there were enough examples in the campaign of 2016 as to why it prudent to have steered clear of Trump. Just how low of an IQ must one have to cast a ballot for what was most obviously a colossal disaster? 

This week the statements make 2016 look like a sweet picnic.

“I am the Chosen One.”

Then on the same say Trump embraced the titles of “The Second Coming of God” and “The King of Israel”.68760501_10157664746666057_1895678417039261696_n

Victory On Foreign Aid!

August 22, 2019

I am very pleased with the news which ran over the wires this morning.

The White House will not move forward with a multi-billion dollar proposal to cut foreign aid.  Lawmakers from both parties objected to the plan, complaining that it would hurt foreign aid programs while also jeopardizing the massive budget deal reached in July.

This week I wrote about the need to preserve foreign aid funds in the budget.  As we know from reading articles and news accounts from around the world too many populist leaders want to reduce foreign aid but also shift its purpose from helping the neediest abroad to more self-serving political and economic ends.  Too often in these columns, we come to better understand the undermining of the multilateral system, and more to the point, the attempted destruction to the liberal internationalist thinking that underpins it.

We simply could not allow that to also take place with the current administration in Washington.   I have argued before on this blog the United States has a duty, given our economic and international power, to use national altruism for justified ends.  I have stated that in so doing we also serve our own national interests.  It is a win, win.

I have viewed the fight for the Democratic presidential nomination through several lenses.  One of them has been the determination to fight for foreign aid, and use it to marshal forward in the world.  Only Joe Biden has given the full measure of what I desire in our next president when it comes to events on the world stage.  He stated the following in June.

The next president must repair our relationships with our allies and stand up to strongmen and thugs on the global stage to rally the world to meet these challenges. We can reclaim our longstanding position as the moral and economic leader of the world.

The need for such determination and use of funds can be seen clearly with the need to stop Ebola in West Africa.  Not only did the effort stop the loss of life, which could have impacted millions, but with such efforts blunted governmental conflicts, economic collapse, and a global health crisis.

That is just one example as to why the news today from the White House is a most positive one.  We do not get to make such statements often these days in which we live. I am glad to be able not only to make such a statement but to have it made for something so very important.

NRA Proves Why Disdain For Government Exists

August 21, 2019

A most clear example as to why voters in our nation feel disdain and angst about the government was presented this week when Donald Trump caved to the National Rifle Association.  After a single phone call.

The phone call between Wayne LaPierre, the chief executive of the National Rifle Association, and the person bought and paid for by the gun rights organization, was aimed at making sure no law changes would occur following the back-to-back mass shootings in Texas and Ohio.

Shortly after the shootings, which left many coffins to be filled, Trump had stated an interest in pursuing what he had described as “very meaningful background checks”.   Of course, any words which come from Trump are worthless.  Just wait a day, or have a call from the top gun-slinger at the NRA and everything once said will be reversed.

I could continue on about Trump and his lack of honor.  Been there, and done that for many years on this blog.  Instead what I wish to point out from this recent chicanery between a lobbyist and a president is the reason why so many find our government to be so out of touch with reality.

Ask yourself the following questions.

How did the United States of America, after helping win two world wars, landing a man on the moon, battling polio and AIDS now find ourselves not able to resolve gun violence, a most deadly epidemic due to a non-governmental organization?

How does one powerful lobbying organization gain so much power that it controls not only state legislatures, but also congress, and even a president?

This morning Trump talked with reporters and stated he was upset at the word choice made by Denmark’s Prime Minister regarding the sale of Greenland.   She stated quite clearly such a deal was absurd.

Absurd is also the only word which describes the grip the NRA has on policymakers in our country.  Trump may hate the word, but it is most apt to use.

Trump may willingly kneel to the NRA and think that is a fine way to act but there are many Americans who are tired of this behavior from the ones elected to make society better. We see, time and again, as with the phone call with Trump, that too many politicians are willing to look away from mass shootings and the victims.  The reason they act with such disregard is their fear of single-issue voters who do the bidding of the NRA, which is single-mindedly focused on protecting gun manufacturers.

The lack of ability from our government to protect citizens from the gun lobby is all the proof needed to demonstrate why voters have a deep disdain for government.  It is a self-created stain on the coutry.  The antidote, of course, is to have Americans take our country back from those whose only interest is in enriching their bank accounts (Wayne LaPierre) and those people they bribe (Donald Trump), who took $30 million from the NRA to be elected.

And so it goes.

Trump Gets Spanked In Public By Country The Size Of Delaware

August 21, 2019

I am not sure this is actually happening.  But then I say that almost every day about one news story or the other.  Except for the fact, every news agency in the world is reporting the following late tonight, with sources!

I can’t get over the fact that Trump canceled a trip to Denmark because that country refused to sell Greenland to him.  I’m cracking up just typing this.  But it’s real!

But we need to stop laughing and reflect on some facts.  Danish troops fought alongside the United States in Afghanistan and Iraq.  50 Danes died in those military pursuits.  Trump severely dishonors the alliance and their sacrifice by his buffoonish behavior.

Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said that Trump’s idea is “an absurd discussion.”  She added that “Thankfully, the time where you buy and sell other countries and populations is over”.

Maybe it does not matter to the morons in this land who voted for Trump, but the entire world is laughing at the United States.  Maybe the angry men with resentments who fell for Mexico paying for the wall at the border can be lured into believing Iceland will pay for the Greenland purchase.

Better yet perhaps Trump can persuade France to sell Paris since their famed cathedral has severe fire damage.  That should allow Trump to pick the city up at a basement price!

Any way one looks at the news early this morning there is only one takeaway.  Trump got spanked in public by a country the size of Delaware.  We know that stings as Trump is always conscious about the size of things.


Antidote To The Headlines Found On Madison Isthmus

August 20, 2019

Years back I used to post on this blog pictures of flowers and butterflies from our lawn.  Most of that type of item now is found on my Facebook page or Twitter account.  But this afternoon I was walking from the driveway and the following photo is the sight that just made me stop.  And look.

This is what I plan and scope out when the winter winds cross over frozen Lake Monona and the snow piles up on the front stoop.  And this is what makes life bouncy, day after day, as the warm breezes of summer remind us what really matters.

This blog is mostly an Op-Ed page akin to what one finds in the daily newspaper.  The headlines of the day make for analysis and comment. But it does all of us good to know that headlines, more now than ever, need an antidote.  I have found mine.  Go for a walk tonight and find yours, too.

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Pulling The Plug On Visions

August 20, 2019

Another continuing topic at CP. 

This time I hope, and trust, that ALRC will do their job for the city when it comes to Visions.

Continuing disturbances, including weapons violations, could compel the City of Madison to revoke the liquor and entertainment licenses of Visions Nightclub, the city’s only strip club, according to an article in the Wisconsin State Journal.

In a 56-page complaint issued on Aug. 16, the City Attorney’s Office formally asked the City Council to revoke the club’s liquor and entertainment licenses based on more than 50 incidents that occurred between January 2012 and June 2019. The most serious incident was a shooting and stabbing in December 2018 that left five people injured.

In addition to maintaining a disorderly establishment, the complaint also alleges that Visions, 3554 E. Washington Ave., has violated city ordinances by changing or expanding its premises without the council’s permission and by serving alcohol with no licensed operator on the premises.

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