Bush Raises GOP Monies For John Gard In Wisconsin While Middle East Rages

Perhaps it is because I am a news junkie and start my day with the radio informing me of developments around the globe while I slept.  Perhaps it is because I am a history buff and enjoy understanding the past and then placing current events into context with the events that have taken places over the many years.  Whatever the reason is the past few weeks, on top of the past five years, trouble me greatly as I follow the events from the Middle East.

I am not sure what other time in our history I would use as an analogy to the current series of crises that confront our country, and clearly befuddle the Bush administration. 

This morning the Israeli government rejected the language for the cease-fire that the U.S. and France have been trying to create in concert with other members of the United Nations.  The wholesale rejection is a huge step towards more chaos as Israel also plans to step up the offensive nature of their attack on the people of Lebanon.

The galvanizing effect that Israel has on the Arab population, and extremists who use these actions to their advantage, is highly worrisome to me.  Recall the harsh (in historical terms for Middle East governments) words towards the actions of Hezbollah in the initial days of the conflict.  Now the public sentiment in every Arab country is at fever pitch and the government line of each nation has hardened against Israel and U.S. policy in the region.

By not talking with our enemies and not placing a strong forceful hand on our friends the region is ripe for a horrific conflagration. 

Meanwhile a civil war (call it what you want, but if it looks like a duck….) is in full throttle in Iraq.  Within the morgues of Baghdad alone nearly 1,900 bodies were delivered in July.  These were not dead terrorists or insurgents that the Iraqi police or U.S. troops had killed.  These were men, women, and children of the random sectarian violence that has plagued Iraq.

The potential for calamity on a massive scale is real.  Some of the stories are found on the inside of the papers but they are very much part of the reason we need a fully engaged President in the Oval Office.  Turkey has again made threats for invading northern Iraq to quell the Kurdish ambition of independence, which of course impacts the boundary area between the two nations.  Afghanistan is smoldering and the Taliban is on a more energized series of attacks that is unsettling the region.  The largest rallies against Israel have been in the new ‘democracy’ of Iraq as Israel pushes the envelope of common sense in Lebanon.  And Syria must not be allowed to be edged into the conflict based on Israel’s actions.

President Bush has made the wrong decision multiple times in the Middle East but the latest hands-off approach to the war Israel is waging in Lebanon must stop.  Bush needs to get off the campaign trail and head back to the office.  A cease-fire must be put in place and Israel MUST respect it and abide by it.  Talks must start AT ONCE between our enemies.  Both Iran and Syria need to be addressed across a negotiating table and the idea that we do not talk with those who wish us ill needs to be discarded on whatever pile of crap is accumulating in the Oval Office.

The world is holding its breath as the Middle East rages,,,but thank God John Gard was able to reap some campaign cash in his race for Congress in Wisconsin.  He must feel proud that he is more important than the burning buildings and dead bodies piling high in Lebanon.

One thought on “Bush Raises GOP Monies For John Gard In Wisconsin While Middle East Rages

  1. Like you I’m not really sure what historical period I could use in contrast with recent events though I have heard and read some pundits who refer to the appeasement period before the 1939 invasion of Poland by the Nazis. But that view of course depends on your political leanings, I guess.

    One thing that keeps replaying in my head is Vietnam. We were never going to win following the course we did. Today we are fighting an enemy that is fragmented throughout many different countries. Our enemy has modern technology yet still retains fifteenth century type ideals. They don’t understand anything but a firm, strong response and we just seem to play around in our talks and in our actions. The war in the Pacific would have lasted much, much longer if we had not acted very forcibly. Having a presence isn’t enough……having an opinion isn’t enough….negotiations are fine….talks are fine, but let’s remember all of these folks seem to talk and then stab you in the back.

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