Katherine Harris Please Answer My Candidate Questionaire

You might recall that there was a concerted effort among top Republicans in Florida to insure Katherine Harris was not the U.S. Senate nominee this year.  If those of us across the nation could see she was a time bomb just waiting to explode think what those close to her in Florida must have felt.  With her campaign sinking like a rock and her funding efforts waning she finally decided it was time to drive the nail in her political coffin.

She told a Southern Baptist journal that the idea of separation of church and state is a lie and then went further by adding the Founding Fathers never meant this country to be a nation of secular laws!  What backwoods tarpapered shack did she get her education from?  I am shocked that a United State Senate candidate could be so uneducated and wrong on a central point to our national foundation.

She added in her stupefying remarks that if one elects those who are not Christian then they are legislating sin.  I am assuming at this point none of her aides were there to put the bag over her head and stop her from further shame and embarrassment.  There never was a chance for her to win but to make such off the wall comments has made her a national joke and a huge shame for the GOP.

However, based on her thinking I would like her to answer my candidate questionnaire before the election.  I have just a few things I need clarified given her views.

What type of Christian form of government would you want?  Catholic?  Pentecostal?  How about the Church I belong to?  Can we run your country?  Which minister is going to set the laws?  Can we dance?  Watch movies?  If we date, can we kiss or must we wait until marriage.  Who gets to be married?  Will there be freedom of the press?  What about people who disagree with the government? Will they be stoned?  Will we have an army?  Will we invade counties that are not Christian and try to convert them?  Can I own a Koran?  Will we teach other religions in school?  What do we do with a gay Christian?  Will all rock and roll records need to be burned?  Will Graceland close? How about my books?

What a hoot!  And this is just Monday…..could be a long week…or a very weird one.

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