Falk For Wisconsin Attorney General

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Let us be grown up about the Democratic Primary for Attorney General.  Anyone with only a modicum of understanding about politics knows that perceptions and character are very important ingredients when the average voter decides whom to vote for.  I can talk about the issues and try to persuade the electorate with the facts about meth production, and crime lab statistics but at the end of the day there is still one huge issue in the Democratic Primary.  That one issue is driving the primary campaign, and if not corrected will drive the fall race as well.

It is the issue of Peg Lautenschlager using a state car to drink and drive.  It is the issue that has the heft, whether we want to admit it or not, that will careen the AG’s office off the cliff and into the hands of the Republicans if we are not wise enough to make the correct decision on September 12th.

There is no nice or tidy way to discuss the actions of Attorney General Lautenschlager.  I know in Wisconsin many have a warped view about drinking. There is an over abundance of establishments that serve liquor and too much emphasis on needing to drink to have a good time. (When one measures taverns per capita it turns out Wisconsin has seven of the top eight U.S. cities with these establishments!)  Worse yet are the statistics that show how many people drink and drive and then laugh about it.  The not so funny fact is just because you get your first OWI (operating while intoxicated) does not mean that was the first time you were driving while drunk.  Sad, but true.

I harbor no ill will toward Lautenschalger as I worked with her in the State Legislature, but she could have killed someone while driving intoxicated.  She can say ‘I am sorry” and fulfill all her court mandated obligations but as the top justice officer in the State I just cannot abide her actions.  I think she is very smart and that is why I was so sad over what happened and how she handled it.  But I did not make her choices for her, and she lost my vote a long time ago.

I was one of those Democrats who from day one felt this issue could result in Lautenschlager losing her position.  The problem now is she may not only lose her position, but also aid the Democrats in losing controll of the AG’s office. She must be removed in the Primary.  For all the highly partisan spin in the last few days over this race let us consider the fact that Lautenschalger could have taken the high road and bowed out of seeking re-election.  She could have taken full responsibility for her actions and made it clear to all citizens that drunk driving has a high series of consequences. She did not take this route; therefore the voters will need to do it for her.

Some want to argue that Kathleen Falk was the spoiler by challenging the incumbent.  That is not so.  Falk knows, as does the seasoned political person, that if Peg is nominated she will lose the AG’s office to the GOP. Falk has the ability and intellect to be a stunning Attorney General.

I have been surprised over some who call themselves ‘progressives’  are wading in way over their head to defend Lautenschalger.  Whatever ‘principle’ they think they are honoring will mean nothing if the GOP takes over the AG’s office.  If that happens I will be the first on November 8th to ram their rhetoric back at them. 

There is only one choice on September 12th for Attorney General. It is Kathleen Falk. Republicans want Lautenschlager to win (and in some cases will vote Democratic to see it happen) as they know she is weak in the General Election.  Falk in the November race will be on message and a winner for the Democrats.

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