Katie Couric “C-” For Opening Night

And I am grading on a curve.

This evening I sat outside of a coffee shop on State Street in Madison, Wisconsin enjoying a most remarkable summer night.  The weather was perfect!  I was reading one of my news-magazines that came in the mail today.  On the first two pages there was a brief run down of the world events over the past week.  After watching the CBS Evening News just an hour before I realized that many of the stories contained in The Economist will not make it on Couric’s news show.

I had hopes that there might be some attempt under Couric to provide world news.  But it seems that if American soldiers are not at peril, or America is not warring or threatening another nation, international news is of no consequence.  Couric did lead off with Afghanistan which featured a female reporter and allowed more time than usual for the story to be told.  But after that, there appeared to be no other international news taking place today.  (In reality Calderon was announced to be the new leader of our neighbor, Mexico.  The United Nations had strong words for the Sudanese government over the Darfur crisis, and British politicians are talking like crazy over when Prime Minister Blair is set to sail from 10 Downing Street)

Couric did not have time for those stories because Tom Cruise spawned a child and I supposedly wanted to see photos.  Whatever that “photo’ part of the newscast is all about I predict it will soon be jettisoned.  It was like a Led Zeppelin song during Sunday morning services.  I have already posted my thoughts on having a commentator segment during the news and while I applaud that move I do think there has to be some requirement for “gravitas” and not open it up for just every person with a wedgie. 

While I love Thomas Friedman and found his thoughts right on target I do not think a 30-minute program of this type is best used for an interview.  There are programs which accommodate interviews but after eight minutes of commercials that leaves 22 minutes for news during the nightly broadcasts.  Not enough time for interviews….and Tom Cruise’s spawn.  JUST GIVE ME THE NEWS!

Finally, am I the only one who thinks that Couric, being the first woman solo anchor might have put her “sex appeal” away and favored her professionalism and journalistic integrity?  If she showed her legs any more or crossed them any more seductively she could compete with naughty college girls on web-cams.  Her producer needs to tell her to sit in her chair, behind her desk, and DO THE NEWS.  FROM THE WHOLE WORLD!

But who knows, maybe if she can pull the ratings off and makes this a success Bill Hemmer can start to do his how with his shirt off.  Problem is we would need to watch Fox News…..err…I mean FAUX News. 

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