War Supporters Should Get Second Jobs

On a day when many newspapers across the country had a story on the rising cost of health care coverage in America, there was another story on the inside pages that should make every one angry. 

The health care story discussed the latest study showing that employee health care coverage rose 7.7percent this year.  All average workers in the nation did not need be told that the study also found the health care increase was twice the rate of inflation, and far outpacing the increase in wages.

However, it was the story inside the paper that really raised my ire, and that I linked to the front page. 

Congress is poised to pass another war appropriation of $70 billion dollars, and a defense budget bill that will be the biggest ever, at $448 billion.  Don’t choke dear reader, but Bush’s war costs taxpayers $8 billion per month!  The story gets better though as the Administration will be knocking on Congress’s door for more money next spring.

At a time when there are so many needs in this country, such as health care, it is ridiculous how this Administration has spent billions and billions and billions on the Iraq War. 

Given that the President never asked Americans to sacrifice for the war, except those who died needlessly in Iraq, I have an idea.  Every warmonger and supporter of this idiotic foreign policy should take a second job so more tax money can go to Washington and pay for the bloodshed.  Why should the only people to suffer be those who were forced by economic reasons to join the military?  Why should the Bill O’Reilly’s of the world who never served a day continue to beat the drum for more war…more war…more war, and never ante up with more money to pay for it?  For instance, given Bill ‘s background with talking naughty to women other than his wife, he could work part-time as a phone sex operator.

Get your luffa sponges ready and dial!  The President needs your money for the war. 

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