Does Frank Lasee Want Hollow Point Bullets Too?

This is why backbenchers in the Wisconsin State Legislature should just sit quiet and let the grown-ups talk.

I was taken aback like so many across Wisconsin, and now thanks to cable news and the internet folks all over the country, by the notion of allowing school teachers to carry guns into our state’s classrooms.   A Republican State Representative who is not known for his intellect in the Statehouse, but instead for shooting from the hip before his brain is activated, hatched the idea.

Frank Lasee from the Green Bay area has always been just an idiot, but now is also an embarrassment to the entire political process in Wisconsin.  Advocating that teachers should be armed in the classroom as a way to curtail gun violence in schools shows Lasee is not a serious legislator.  I had to giggle today while driving around town doing errands that our whiz kid now thinks he needs to modify his idea. (I think the outrage from… well……everybody…. might have led him to understand the folly of his idea.)  Now he says, instead of a teacher packing heat like Gunsmoke’s Matt Dillon,  the little ole school teacher would go to a lock box somewhere in the school where a deadly weapon would be stashed for the time when all hell breaks out, and retrieve a handgun to slay someone.  What is in the head of Frank Lasee?

The outrage over this crap has now resulted in two write-in candidates to challenge this mentally inept legislator in the November election.  One is a Republican, Robert Dobbs, who joined the race last week, and now there is a Democrat, Ted Zigmunt, who also has decided to mount a challenge with only four weeks to go to the election. 

Everyone believes that Lasee is using the recent tragedy of dead school children and staff in Wisconsin and around the country at this time to advance his own career.  He can’t introduce any bill until next January so is now just making a fool of himself at the expense of very sad stories.  That is pathetic!  I think from the reaction in Wisconsin he might want to just sit in the back of the Assembly and stay quiet.  Let the grown-ups talk instead Frank.

3 thoughts on “Does Frank Lasee Want Hollow Point Bullets Too?

  1. Good Grief. “More Guns” always seems to be the NRA member’s way to solve ALL problems. All-purpose hammer apparently…

    Can’t we get these guys all together on a pheasant-hunting trip? I’ll chip in for the beer!!!

  2. Thank you for the post regarding Frank Lasee. It is time for him to go. I hope to mount a successful write in campaign, as I believe the citizens of our district are fed up. We have a hard three weeks ahead of us and I will let you know how it turns out. If not this year, I will be back in 2008. My web site is

  3. Aiden

    More on Lasee the idiot from the front page of the Wisconsin State Journal:

    “Lasee was rude and showed shockingly little respect for the court.

    He sounded like one of those fringe-group nut balls who doesn ‘t believe in the legitimacy of our government and our courts. This is worrying, because Lasee is part of our government, and helps write the laws the courts are sworn to uphold.

    The Wisconsin courts depend on the Legislature for support and right now they ‘re facing a critical shortage of state-funded assistant district attorneys to cope with rising criminal prosecutions. Wisconsin needs another 127 attorneys to cope with the workload, according to one study. Brown County, Lasee ‘s home, has the one of the worst shortages.

    For the greater good, Lasee needs to put his divorce behind him and drop his Jihad against attorneys.

    His behavior gives politicians a bad name.

    And, ironically, he makes lawyers look pretty good by comparison.”

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