Poll Of The Day: Shays Tied In Connecticut

With just a little over a week to go, the battle in Connecticut’s 4th CD is one of the nations most energized races.  I have one million reasons to say that this morning.  The DCCC has just put over $1 million dollars into the race for ads buys between now and Election Day.

I have argued that northeastern Republicans are a vanishing breed. I feel that several more will be defeated in November.  The biggest battle for the House in that region is pitting incumbent Chris Shays against Democratic nominee Diane Farrell.  The latest polls show a deadlocked election.  Earlier the Green Party candidate did the responsible thing, (they often do not) and removed himself from the race, throwing his support to Farrell.

A recent poll has the 19-year incumbent tied at 43% with his challenger, with 9% of the electorate undecided.

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