A True Sign of Desperation By The GOP

I was not surprised in the least by the way the Bush White House, and the national Republicans swooped down today on the verbal gaffe of Senator John Kerry.  The only remaining issue for the GOP this fall is how to hold onto power.  The only reason the GOP runs this fall is to retain the power, perks, and privileges that they have created for themselves.  Therefore, the fevered over-reaction by the GOP, and then the shadowing actions by Faux News, right wing talk radio, and conservative bloggers is proof positive that they know their days in power are numbered.

The Republicans are nervous as hell and will do and say anything to retain power.  You will recall that this is the same party that had one of their own say, “I’d walk over my own grandmother…….”

All over the nation the electorate is weighing in with money, passion, and energy to assist the Democrats in House and Senate races.  It is telling that in many House races where the GOP claims to be doing well their candidates are mired around 45%, and can’t seem to break higher.  There is a reason for that, and the GOP knows what it is.

The public is tired of being lied to, and spied on. They are tired of those who never truly served in the military in their youth, now starting wars while in public office, and as a result making the world a much more unsafe place.  They are tired of being led to believe there ever was a war on terror being conducted in Iraq, but instead now know it was a political decision by President Bush and Dick Cheney that had nothing to do with our national security.

The public knows what has happened in the past six years to our nation, and who did it to us.  The public will vote their hopes and not again be duped by the fear baiting rhetoric that the GOP used in 2002 and 2004.  And if the GOP thinks that a verbal gaffe will undo the Democrats I ask them to think about a statement which was proclaimed on national TV. 

That statement would be, “Mission  Accomplished.”

I ask my fellow citizens, which blunder is worse?

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