Mark Green’s Ill Gotten Gains

The Wisconsin State Supreme Court issued a ruling tonight that seems more than just, given that the election for Governor is less than a week away.  The Court ruled 4-3 to wait until after the election to hear arguments about the campaign cash Green funneled into his state campaign from sources not eligible to contribute under Wisconsin election laws.

Why Mark Green would even have considered using this cash for his election, in light of Statehouse corruptionsuch as from his fellow Republican Scott Jensen, still baffles me.  As my readers know Statehouse corruption on BOTH sides of the aisle have been very much on my radar.  We must do better as a state and clean up the political process.  (A first start would have been passing and signing into law SB1)

The State Elections Board ordered Green to dump $468,000 of PAC money  a couple of months ago.  Green thought he was above the law, and refused to abide by the ruling.  His campaign also thought they could leap frog the court system and force the Supreme Court to hear their case on Green’s schedule.

Like a newspaper to the nose of a pesky dog, the Court did not allow Green to run the show.  It was the correct decision as this case will require much research and time by the Justices.  In the meantime, Green will not be able to use his ill gotten gains.

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