Mark Green Cannot Have It Both Ways…In Politics

I have argued, as have many others, that the second line in the proposed Constitutional marriage amendment is pure hatred, and filled with serious legal problems for the future.  Today I discover that Mark Green agrees with that point of view.  In a letter to the Log Cabin Republicans, (a self-loathing group of gay GOPs if ever there was one) Green wrote he would “oppose any attempt to use the second sentence of the amendment.”

For those not yet up to speed, the second line of the amendment reads, “a legal status identical or substantially similar to that of marriage for unmarried individuals shall not be valid or recognized in this state?”  As I have covered here in depth on my blog this would makes civil unions impossible to create in Wisconsin, and also would create untold legal hurdles for all unmarried couples. 

The Log Cabin Republicans report that Mark Green had a meeting with them, and promised to oppose any attempt to use that second sentence to undermine the rights of gay men and lesbian women.  As my readers know those rights number over 200 in the state of Wisconsin alone.  Things such as hospital visitation and power of attorney are always at the top of a very long list.

If Mark Green sees the dangers and pitfalls in the proposed amendment he should have the political guts, and leadership ability to stand up and be a man on the issue.  By saying one thing to local yokels at GOP events, and then telling the Log Cabin Republicans the opposite, is exactly the reason he is unsuited for the job as Governor.  To stand by and allow the State Constitution to be used for purely political purposes proves he does not care about the integrity of the political process.

Mark Green cannot have it both ways…in politics.

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One thought on “Mark Green Cannot Have It Both Ways…In Politics

  1. Kerr Mudgeon

    A GOPster speaks with forked tongue. What’s new about that?! Lying is a way of life for Repubs in the Bush era. But you’re right, such as he should NOT be elected.

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