Tommy Thompson Missing In Action

I can’t be the only one to notice that former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson has not interjected himself into the debate over the Constitutional amendment on same sex marriage.  One has to wonder why he has nothing to offer on the topic.

Each of the other former Wisconsin Governors have all added their thoughts to the statewide dialogue on this matter.  Lee Dreyfus, the much beloved red-vested Governor, is opposed to the amendment.  In fact, he has been very vocal with his understanding that the amendment would be a wrong step for the state to make. 

Governors Patrick Lucey, Tony Earl, and Martin Schreiber have all labeled the amendment as “unnecessary” and “harsh”, while denouncing the idea of limiting freedoms as opposed to expanding them through this amendment process.

So where is Tommy Thompson on the issue?  Why is he afraid to join with his fellow Governors on both sides of the political aisle and forcefully reject this amendment? Could it be that he is thinking about running for President, and is afraid to upset the conservative right wing by doing the correct thing and calling the amendment just plain hateful?

I bet the early caucus voters in Iowa prefer candidates that take a stand when offered the opportunity.  Lack of leadership and timidity on the issues that confront the voters  rarely are appealing to the electorate.

And if Tommy needed any other reason not to sit on the fence over this topic…..well all those chins and wattles of his just might bring the fence, and his White House dreams, crashing to the ground.

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