Bush White House Admits What We Know

It was made known tonight by ABC News that Vice President Dick Cheney told George Stephanopoulos in regards to Iraq it was “full speed ahead…we are not running for office.”  In addition Darth Vader of the GOP said that despite the election and mounting discontent with the war from the voters of all stripes, it was “full speed ahead” with the mission in Iraq.

We have long known that the Bush White House operated for their own political purposes, and not on behalf of what was best for our national security, or our foreign policy.  Cheney confirmed what the White House thinks about the citizens and taxpayers of this nation. 

Well Dick, you may want to see what the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines have to say about it Monday morning.  EVERY MILITARY NEWSPAPER WILL RUN AN EDITORIAL STATING THEY WANT DEFENSE SECRETARY RUMSFELD TO BE SACKED!  It seems they are really tired of being sent to the Middle East to be used as cannon fodder for President Bush’s war.  The news of this editorial tonight must make the GOP apoplectic.

Seems the last election surprise is not a Democratic tactic, but instead one directly from those the Republicans call heroes.  If the ‘best and brightest’ can see this, why can’t the White House?

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