John Bolton Wrong For United Nations

Not for the first time will this blogger take a stand against John Bolton.  With the midterm elections concluded, the work of governing again is front and center.  With that in mind, this blog ventures back into the many areas of interest and concern that I have over policy, both foreign and domestic.   Readers also can be assured that the politics of our state and nation will still be analyzed and discussed with the same energy as was demonstrated in the past several months.

Now to the decision from the White House to force the U.S. Senate to confirm John Bolton as ambassador to the United Nations for a second term.  To insist that this vote happen before the new Congress is sworn in, makes any talk of compromise by Bush the day after his party lost the majority seem rather hollow.   Republicans hope to get through a lame duck session of Congress what they were unable to achieve in the past.  If they had paid more attention to these matters than gay marriage and burning the American flag, they would not be behind the eight ball today.

Bolton was not confirmed in the past for the very same reasons that he should be defeated now.  He is wrong for the times in which we live.

Bolton is known to take facts out of context and use them for his own purposes, and to fabricate intelligence to meet his objectives.  He has a disdain for the United Nations and undermines initiatives so that the United States will be less involved in certain global concerns.  His temperament is ill suited for the delicate dance of diplomacy in this world of chaos.

To show the weakness of Bolton one only needs to know he serves as Ambassador through a recess appointment.  With Senator Joe Biden, a powerful voice opposing Bolton now being joined by Senator Lincoln Chafee, a Republican defeated for election on Tuesday, one can already see the difficulties the White House faces.  Biden will be the new Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee in January.  Bush should not kick dust in Biden’s face just days after the GOP was tarred and feathered.

To use any political capital on Bolton is wasting what little remains in Bush’s arsenal.  It makes no sense in the long term.  The American public spoke loud and clear about the direction this country was headed, and therefore elected new leaders.  President Bush made the correct political decision this week (though years too late) to remove Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, and would now be well advised to do the same with the name of John Bolton. 

As I have said many times before, elections have consequences. 
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4 thoughts on “John Bolton Wrong For United Nations

  1. And the weakening begins! We all knew that if the Dems got control that America security would be at risk. The fact that two days after the election they are going after the man who has the balls to stand uo to the thugs in the UN instead of kissing their butts is probably never going to get confirmed. Sadly this is what we can expect for at least the next two years bending over for the UN and anyone else who would bring harm to America.

  2. The Bush Administration’s OWN agencies have concluded that the actions of the Bush White House have made the nation less secure since 9/11. The fact that we did not go after al-Qaeda in Afghanistan with the volume of troops required or forged better ties with Syria are but two examples of the Bush failure. To even pretend that Democrats are not better suited for a safer world shows how out of touch you are with the real world. It also shows that you did not follow the election returns or listen to what the American voters said to exit poll questions. Perhaps you think you are smarter than other people in this nation? Or is it that you just prefer to throw rhetoric?

  3. Exit polls have proven they are not trust worthy. As for Syria who are you kidding, until Syria stops becoming a trainng ground for al qeda we are not going to give thme the time of day. The left keeps saying that we are less safe, really, when was the last attack on America? Where have the attacks been, Europe, and why is that because Europe tries to appease the terrorist. They did not do anything to make stronger laws in their country,except for Britian who passed even more stringent laws then our, to fight terrorist. SO you keep pushing the party talking point that we are less safe, people who are not mindbots of the left see the truth.

  4. pkarm,

    You are the only one using talking points. And as usual, they are so messed up.

    Bush 41, (George’s daddy) had many bright minds on foreign policy and today THEY SAY we need to talk with Syria…and Iran…and North Korea. Have you heard of a man named James Baker and his views? Brent Scowcroft? Pick up Foreign Affairs magazine and read an article from time to time. Really… might be surprised how silly your responses here are.

    You seem to never read a newspaper. About three weeks before the election Bush’s own Administration (the son’s, not daddy’s..just trying ot make it simple here) released a long summary of the Iraq War and security related items. THEY concluded that the Iraq war is not making our country more secure. Please tell me that this major news item madeit over Highway 29!

    The fact is this war IS creating more people hostile to our nation, and creating a Middle East where Iraq will now resemble Iran. Your Republican President did that…not the Democrats. Take a look at the last elections in the region and tell me what conclusions you draw. Tell me that the outcomes bode well for the interests of America. I argue they do not even bode well for the interests of those who actually live there.

    In regards to the exit polls THEY WERE RIGHT! What in heck are you drinkng today?

    I strongly suggest you take an hour each day and read the paper as you really are not ready for primetime just yet. Still, I wish you a nice day.

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