Dialogue Only Answer In Iraq

It is not news for many of us to hear, but another heavy weight in the world of diplomacy has made his views known on the disaster in Iraq.  Henry Kissinger stated that he feels only dialogue can resolve the war, and those talks must include Iran.

Kissinger feels that there is no hope for the goals of a stable Iraqi government without civil strife, through U.S. military means alone.  Kissinger, who knows a great deal about talks with countries who are not friendly to the United States, concedes that the military option is no longer likely to bring success to Iraq.

While understanding that the military option is more a problem than a cure, he is wise to alert Americans to the folly of a quick removal of troops.  The instability that might result in neighboring countries is of prime importance not only in the region, but also to international interests.

The main point that President Bush and his White House need to hear is that Kissinger calls for talks with Iran.  Bush has long harbored a dislike for talking with our enemies.  But that is whom we should be talking with.  Diplomacy is not a word that too many understand in the White House.  I am glad that Kissinger might have enough clout with Bush to make the case for dialogue with nations we will have to deal with if we are to address the Iraq war in a realistic way.
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