Beating Up The Wise Men..And Woman

I have been amused at the mixed reactions to the Iraq Study Group’s conclusions.  While it has made a splash on Amazon in sales, and has received positive reviews from those who understand the war to be a dreadful foreign policy decision, others with more conservative views are firing at the group for their recommendations. 

For starters, conservatives are miffed that the Study Group correctly states that the war in Iraq, and the larger war on terrorism, is two separate things.  The findings reject the idea that Iraq is a war on terrorism.  We knew it never was one, though it was sold to the public as a war that was needed to be fought so a mushroom cloud would not take out a city in America.   Neo-cons have their undies all bunched due to the fact the Study Group finds that White House incompetence led us to the situation that requires a study group in the first place. 

The report is an open-handed slap to the entire Bush policy not only in Iraq, but in the entire region. Therefore the bi-partisan group that worked eight months on the study will now find themselves facing verbal firing from those who wish to limit the political fallout for a lame duck President, and the neo-cons that brought America to this dire date in history. 

Detractors of the report can be found across the nation, and even as far away as Israel.  The fact that the Study Group understands the Middle East needs to find a peace process for the Israeli/Palestinian conflict does not set well with Prime Minister Olmert of Israel.  The idea that the United States might force Israel to talk with Syria has met with resistance from Tel Aviv.  Once again the United States is presented with the old question of should the tail wag the dog; should Israel be the leader or the grateful follower, and who controls the shaping of American foreign policy?  It has been interesting to read the Arab reaction to the report and the candid responses of many who feel that Bush will not listen to the 10-member group, or seriously consider the changes that it contains. 

The front page of a newspaper rag in New York had the two chair-people of the Study Group as monkeys on their front page.  Instead of trashing the Study Group they need to look at the man who got us into this most ‘messed up’ (this is a family blog) position.  Arrogance led this Administration to where we are today.  If arrogance is left in charge, it will prevent a major policy correction by President Bush.

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