The Mystery Of Gasoline Prices

Over the past few weeks all of us have noticed that the price per barrel of oil has been falling on the world market.  In the past two weeks gas prices had also lowered to $1.99 in the Madison area.  It was explained to us many times that some more lowering of the gasoline prices could be expected, but that it takes a couple of weeks for lower barrel prices to show up as lower gas prices.

So when I heard earlier this week that the federal government was going to re-supply our national reserves, and as a result the price per barrel had again increased, I mused to James that I was going to watch the impact at our local service station.  Today the price is up to $2.09. 

I guess like many folks I wonder how it can take a couple of weeks for lower barrel prices to positively impact gasoline prices, but less than 72 hours for higher barrel prices to negatively impact them.

Now I understand that there are many factors involved with these prices such as refiners costs, and other international blips, but time and again I must wonder if big oil companies are screwing America.  And I did not even get a kiss before it happened!

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