Meeting Our Information Needs

If you are reading this political blog I suspect you have your favorites on the computer loaded up with all sorts of news and political sites.  I admit to having a boatload of faves from the world of newspapers, news sites, and political blogs from around the city, state, nation, and globe.   If you are like me they also are all anally organized.  Otherwise it is a nightmare! So what other site could we possibly desire to make our information and entertainment needs complete?

Well…. if the following topics inspire you…then there is only one more addition needed to be made to your faves.

Will the Democrats in New Hampshire allow Nevada to get a jump on them in the ’08 nominating process for President?  Don’t think so.

How do staffers shield aging U.S. Senators in the new media age?

Those who do not campaign well and are boring wind up stuck in the Senate.

Or how about a most interesting slide show of pictures from the White House.

All those stories and many more insightful and politically enticing nuggets can be found on the new web site for political junkies.  The Politico.

The site was been created with some of the best newspaper writers who have come together in this new venture to make politics come alive and sizzle on the web.  This site does not replace others…yet…but if this first week is just the foundation of where they hope to head then I think many will be turning to The Politico for news and information.

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