A New Look

Saturday I was feeling the effects of a food allergy that I brought on myself.  I had bought a food product with one item that I am really not allowed to eat, but since that item was the last one on the package’s ingredients list how harmful could it be?  Once again my stomach trumped my brain, and I paid the price.  But something good came out of staying inside on Saturday, and that is the important thing.

I sat on Saturday and considered how others view the landscape of my blog.  After watching HGTV I thought some rearranging of the furniture, and some curb appeal was needed with my cyber space venture.  So today I unveil the first part of my redesign that will make the blog (hopefully) easier to read.  A friend and fellow blogger had correctly commented to me that a simpler look is easier on the eyes.  I had to admit that the three columns I had were crowding to the senses.  The add-ons were not always conducive with the other parts of the blog, and the banner was boring.

So while my body scolded my brain on Saturday for not being stronger with certian foods, I made the blog changes.  I have some personal photos that in time will be up on the banner with a local home feel showcasing Madison.  And the new design will also accommodate some other ideas I want to try in the months ahead.  The content however, will remain left of center!

3 thoughts on “A New Look

  1. Stephanie Manesis

    Like the “clean” look. It is definately easier on the eyes and much more inviting. The photo on top – banner is perfect. Thanks!

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