How Low Can The Numbers Go?

Two news articles today joined together in my mind that put me in a strange mood. 

There was that poll number from Newsweek magazine that showed President Bush has sunk to 30% for a job approval rating, and it was the lowest poll reading ever in Newsweek’s history for that question.  His stature with the public is dismal and little can change that fact without a true change in direction with the Iraq War.

I was far more bothered and disturbed by the fact that 67% of the electorate feels that President Bush packages his foreign policy based on his personal beliefs, rather than the facts that exist.  It is a sad state of affairs in our nation when the President is understood to be so far removed from reality.  It really bothered me to know so many of my fellow citizens no longer believe in the leader of the country.  As kids we were taught to have higher hopes and ideals about our Presidents.  Now my fellow countrymen feel the President does not even consult with reality for the biggest decisions of his term.  I never thought our nation would be at this point.

The second news item that made be moody today dealt with how little regard Bush has for different points of view that might have, had he listened, led our nation onto a different course in the Middle East.

Senator Carl Levin of Michigan wrote a note to the President offering to make suggestions about the Iraq mess.  Levin is not just another Senator but heads up the mighty important Senate Armed Services Committee.  Would it shock my readers to know that Bush never sent a response?  Granted Levin is a Democrat, but considering the $*$%#^* mess we are in Bush should have put his partisanship away for the sake of the nation.

But then I also discovered today that he backhanded a GOP Senator who offered advice as well.  Senator Susan Collins had just returned from Iraq and offered to advise Bush.  He had no time for her and instead set her up to talk with a staffer. 

I suggest that with these attitudes from our ‘leader’ Newsweek will see lower numbers in the weeks to come as they poll on President Bush.

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2 thoughts on “How Low Can The Numbers Go?

  1. I guess it doesn’t matter does it. He can’t get booted out, and he’s not contesting another term. Those poll numbers can’t touch him. The 4 year Presidential terms are quite long …


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