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Molly Ivins Never Blinked

February 1, 2007

Today in countless news stories and blog entries America reflected on the spirit and vitality that was embedded in Molly Ivins.  Her refreshing quality was that she cared enough about her country and the political process to use her craft of writing to try and make this a better place to live.  Conservatives and hard core Republicans scorned her but this was due to the fact she nailed them column after column by their shorthairs.  In so doing she proved the need for an honest and forthright columnist who could connect with average America on the issues of the day.  She had the ability to convey the truth with a dose of humor, which made the hard facts easier to swallow.  The nation is in trouble and she knew it.  She used her clever writing to make us care enough to read, and hopefully to act and improve the life of this nation.

I was fortunate to see her in Madison and laughed heartily many times during her talk.  She was the type of person I would have so enjoyed having dinner with, and listen to as she spoke of the Republican rascals. She was a true joy to read and so many Americans feel connected to her since she told the truth.  She stood up against the bad guys, wrote the truth, and never blinked.  In today’s world that is not something one can say about too many people. 

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