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Lawmakers/Aides Social Security Numbers Stolen, Good Dooby Syndrome To Blame?

February 3, 2007

The news that a Wisconsin State legislative employee took a report home that contained the names and social security numbers of both elected officials and staff only to have it stolen from her car while visiting a gym is highly unsettling.  The information should have never left the workplace and she should have been more responsible with this sensitive information. The fear of identity theft is one that we are all very much aware of, and most responsible people with such information take great precautions to insure it remains safe.

So one has to wonder in light of the missing VA records in Washington last year which caused much anxiety, exactly why this state employee was taking personal information of officials and staffers outside of the workplace.  Without sounding too harsh I can only conclude one of two things.  This employee must not be very efficient at the job during the eight-hour workday, and therefore needs to take unfinished duties home.  If that is the case the employee needs to apply herself better to the job.  Perhaps a talk with the supervisor is needed to lessen the workload, or better instruct her on how to handle the duties. 

If the employee was just being a good dooby, (that entire syndrome needs a blog post) and working extra hours at home, the least she could do is leave the sensitive materials at the office.  Nothing at work is ever so important that it can’t wait until the next morning.

Either way I do not think she should handle this sensitive portion of this job any longer. 

This harsh assessment is warranted in light of the damage that identity theft causes to many Americans every day.  There must be a policy review in the Statehouse about this sort of sensitive material, and new rules need to be established to insure that information of this type remains in a safe and secure environment.

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