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My Response To A Conservative

February 3, 2007

An on-line friend who has sharp differences with me, and supports the war in Iraq, has stated he feels that the President should have the right to send 20,000 more troops to the war front.  For him and others who feel such loyalty to Bush, who led us to the cliff, I write the following.  

We as a nation have already spent over $363,000,000,000 on the Iraq War.  Wisconsin’s share thus far is $6 billion dollars.  Recall that there was a time before the war started that many millions of folks in the nation asked you and those like you who supported Bush to review history and understand the great folly of an invasion in the Middle East.  Some of us found that region interesting and had some insight into the bloodletting that would take place if the power structure were removed.  We were called all sorts of names and even called ‘un-American’.

Why do think Bush ’41’ did not go into the heart of Iraq?  He knew what would happen.

So, based on the fact that those who knew the war to be wrong from the start have been proved correct, I respectfully suggest that those of you who now think another 20,000 troops (plus the thousands needed as support personnel) in the heart of the civil war to be a good thing should instead heed the advice of others.

You can follow Bush and pay the price and still wind up where we are now, or even worse, in the next two..five…ten years.  Or you can stand up and demand that our troops be withdrawn to strategic areas and that the occupation end.  How many times does Bush have to be proved wrong before you understand the gravity of the problem that confronts us?  Bush has been wrong on EVERY step of the war and yet you suggest another six months…..I am truly baffled.

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