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Society Rejects Snickers Homophobia

February 7, 2007

It did not take very long at all for social forces to pounce on an ill-advised homophobic candy bar commercial that ran during the Super Bowl last Sunday.  In addition to the placement of the advertisement on television, the company also had a special broadcast video on their website of football players watching the ad, and then responding in the fashion of the late irksome Reggie White. 

Masterfoods, a branch of Mars Candy, correctly decided not to air the ad again, and also removed the offensive video showing some Bears and Colts football players showing their lack of cultural diversity.  The ad showed two men eating a single Snickers candy bar from opposite ends which resulted in them accidentally kissing.  At the point their lips touched there was the usual feigned disgust that straight guys all feel a need to register in order to show they are ‘real men’.  Those same straight types of guys however love to watch professional football players slap ass all afternoon on the field. 

Gay rights organizations that are now well funded to react at times like this laid down the law, and said this advertisement was unacceptable.  The candy company to their credit yanked the ad at once.  But the question remains as to how this ad ever made its way through the process that ended up on national television during the Super Bowl.

We would not expect to see jokes made at the expense of African- Americans, the Jewish community, or Catholics.   But to some it was just fine to promote homophobia on national television.  As for the website showing football players who displayed the effects of too many brain-rattling tackles, I was not surprised. 

But let it be shown that even though some may slip homophobia on the airwaves it will be slapped down.  Society is making progress and I know that many in our country are coming to better understand the meanness that is homophobia.

  1. Brett permalink
    February 20, 2007 6:06 AM

    I immensley enjoyed the blog and the comment by James. and Thomas. I saw the ad when it aired, and saw no humor. I find the attitude that gays should swallow their feelings and laugh “it was a joke!” to be comparable to telling an african-american that blackface was never ignorant to begin with.

    We all have the right to feel comfortable being who we are. I am 20 years old and I believe my generation was supposed to have caught on long ago that calling something “gay” is not cool. Yet people say it all the time in the house that i live in and I live in a co-op. That’s a hippie mansion, we’re supposed to be tolerant. But the commercials and sitcoms that use homosexuality in a condescending manner for humor feed the cycle! Stand up for yourself. You and I don’t have to swallow our pride. Be proud instead!!

  2. madisondancer permalink
    February 10, 2007 12:43 AM

    There was a perfect blog about this here.

    Part read,I’m sure they didn’t intend it come across as it did, but can you believe no one had the intelligence to question either the wisdom or the comedy of ads that said, in effect:

    “Snickers….And Homophobia!”

    “When murdering a gay co-worker, have a Snickers.”

    “You’re in the closet and you are a violent psychopath. We’re your candy bar.”

    “Snickers says ‘F*CK OFF’ to all you queers.”

    You know what though? Perhaps they’re on to something. Maybe they’ve discovered a niche market here. Candy-loving bigots. There must be millions of intolerant people out there who also enjoy chocolate, peanuts, caramel and nougat.

    Deke you need to go after the ad company next on your blog.

  3. February 9, 2007 10:12 PM

    I totally agree with Stiletto Girl on this. People need to lighten up. Besides, people need to learn to laugh at themselves.

    If what you say is true deke, then Chris Rock, Dave Chappell, Eddie Murphy, the late and great Richard Pryor, and every other hilarious black comedian who makes a living off of telling funny “white people” jokes should also be banned. If we are going to hold this standard, it should be for all. We don’t want to offend somebody, you know.

    Again, it comes down to people just not having a sense of humor, or just being flat out way too over-sensitive.

    This has been blown way out of proportion. I too thought it was hilarious. And I also laugh at “white people” jokes and Catholic jokes. Oh yeah, I’m a white Catholic.

    It’s not being mean or insensitive. It’s called being real.

    And let’s not forget things like Queer Eye, and other such things that are also giving humor to similar things, like homosexual men. It’s funny.

    A good part of understanding the diversity of others, is to find humor in the differences. When we can all laugh together, it reminds us that ultimately, we are really not that different after all.

    Like Stiletto Girl so wisely states, the P.C. is B.S.

    It’s time for people to lighten up, and learn to laugh, instead of letting anger rule their entire existence.

  4. February 9, 2007 9:30 PM

    People need to get a grip. I thought the commercial was hilarous and so did many other gays that were asked.

    When we start pointing out differences all the time is when they become an issue.

    All this political correctness is b*s*

  5. Thomas permalink
    February 8, 2007 5:56 PM

    I ran into your post last night on Google and used it as my one page report on current events. My class really got into the debate and it was funny that the smarter kids understood the point of view you had and the ones who smoke too much pot did not agree. It really is that easy to break down. You might discover lots of hits on your post from my classroom as the teacher thought we should see the whole thing you wrote. We are the ones from Pittsburg. We have gay debates in class often since I force them to by bringing this stuff up. I have also started a gay/straight group in my school and found it is helping. You were one of the few bloggers taking the view you did and I am glad you did.

    I will be back as a reader to your site and will put you on our local list of gay friendly sites.

  6. February 8, 2007 2:32 PM

    This was one of the funnier commercials of the game. Whats funny about this whole episode if extremist groups like GLADD and Human Righst Campaign had not made a stink about it far rigfht whacko groups would have.

    Whats funny is that the extremist on both side of the spectrem are upset about this while the majority of America laughed, and moved on, never thinking of it as “homophobic” or morally disgusting, just a weird commercial.

    What we saw was a commercial laughed and moved on with our lives. Something extremist on both sid will never do.

  7. February 8, 2007 5:15 AM

    I just learned over on that the company that made the Snickers advert, Omnicom, also has a gay PR sub-agency called Outfront at their Omnicom-owned agency Fleishman Hillard.

    I’m sorry Mary, but THAT is just too hypocritical to ignore.

    What a disgrace.

    Outfront should be shut down immediately by Omnicom in the name of integrity. If they are going to be homophobic bigots at least they could stand by their prejudices consistently.

    Oh yes – but then Outfront could not make all that lovely pink dollar money for Omnicom. Oooooh! I see now. How simple.

  8. James permalink
    February 7, 2007 10:27 PM

    I had attended a seminar, mandated by WI State statues for people teaching in the state, on the theme of DIVERSITY, which we all know really means black/white race relations. The seminar was led by an African American woman and a white woman. I went to the snack table at the break. A man saddles up to the cheese and crackers platter ready to dig in and says, “What! Brie? Brie is for faggots! I don’t eat Brie.” I was shocked and said in my own turn, “What did you say? Apparently you missed the theme of today’s meeting–DIVERISTY!” The man got very agitated with me, especially when I demanded he apologize. Much to my surprise, the African American woman leading the seminar, who had overheard it all, stepped in to insist that I BE THE ONE TO APOLOGIZE for over reacting. By then, I was beside myself and said to her, “WAIT a minute. Let’s replay this scene and see if I am over reacting or not.” I stepped back and said, “What! Brie? Brie is for niggers! I don’t eat Brie.” The leader was furious and said that I was way out of line, and started to ask that I leave the seminar. I replied, “I don’t think so–YOU should be having the same visceral reaction to this man’s heinous comments about homosexual people as if he had said the same thing about your group. There shouldn’t be any difference–heinous is heinous.” The larger group, which had sat this entire time stunned, applauded me and several chimed in and said that I was absolutely right–and that this was the reason why we needed the seminar in the first place! For the rest of the afternoon, the white woman led the discussions, and the African American woman went angrily back to her office–which every one felt was very mature. Others, of course, couldn’t help but point out that perhaps the African American woman was among those of us who needed the time for reflection on Diversity the most!

    How did we get to the point then where one epithet is unacceptable because it is insensitive to a particular group, but another is ok, despite who it hurts? I wish I could understand why we feel the need in this country to always have someone to look down upon. It just frustrates me.

  9. February 7, 2007 10:13 PM

    You make a very good point “We would not expect to see jokes made at the expense of African- Americans, the Jewish community, or Catholics” or I might add Christians or Muslims to that.

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