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Diagnosis: Influenza

February 21, 2007

I now know why I had a 101-degree temperature.  My doctor’s office called this afternoon alerting me to the results of the nasal swab and blood sample.  I was reluctant to go the doctor on Monday but high fevers unnerve me, so in we went.  They were concerned enough at the clinic to also give me an x-ray, but my smoke free lungs were fine.  (Yeah, I may be sick but this is still a political blog!)  I have influenza, but as my white blood cells are strong they are only recommending fluids and rest.   Since I feel a little exhausted I may not blog for a day or two.  But even with a fever I voted on Tuesday….if you had no fever and did not vote…….shame!

The odd thing is my appetite over the past three days has not changed.  I am hungry and eating like I am totally fine.  James would have it no other way! Mashed potatoes and gravy still looks great.  My chest feels lousy, my nose is running, my fever is now low-grade, and the new box of chocolate covered cherries are nearly gone.  Go figure! 

Will be back soon.

  1. February 21, 2007 10:28 AM

    I think chocolate-covered cherries definitely have more healing power than chicken soup, so keep on scarfin’ ’em!

  2. February 21, 2007 10:09 AM

    Hope you get feeling better soon.

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