Vilsack Stops. When Does Tommy End?


It is a daunting challenge to raise the $20 million dollars that most experts say is required to compete just in the early primaries and caucuses for the presidential nomination.  It is also a lousy way for the worlds leading democracy to select a leader.  Former Democratic Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack entered the Democratic race for President with hope, and left it today as a realist.  He had only raised $1 million in the first part of this year and saw no prospect for gaining traction against the big names with far more ability both on the political stage, and with fundraising.

“The reality, however, is that this process has become to a great extent about money, a lot of money,” he said. “And it is clear to me that we would not be able to continue to raise money in the amounts necessary to sustain, not just a campaign in Iowa and New Hampshire, but a campaign across this country.

“It is money — and only money — the reason we are leaving today.”

With that in mind I read with amusement the news that former Republican Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson would not accept the vice-presidency.  He is either going to be the big cheese, or he is not interested.  While he has formed an exploratory committee he has yet to announce for the White House in an official way.  If he is serious about raising money he needs to show he is serious about running, and a notice of real intent needs to be given.  Lets face it, that is never going to happen.  Instead we see the former Wisconsin Governor roaming around Iowa talking to college kids since he cannot fathom the idea of leaving the political stage once and for all.  That is rather sad.   Thompson has no lift in his sails for this race and should face reality as Vilsak has done.

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