354 Days, And Scott Jensen Is Still Free

Former Republican Speaker of the Wisconsin State Assembly Scott Jensen was found guilty of three felonies and one misdemeanor on March 11, 2006 for directing legislative staffers to campaign on state time.   But today Jensen is still a free man since a Dane County Judge allowed the felon to remain out of prison pending his appeal.  Many a criminal in Wisconsin would love the same treatment Jensen is receiving.

I have been hard edged with both Democrats and Republicans who misused their position and power (and taxpayer’s monies) for both illegal and unethical campaign activities in the Wisconsin Statehouse.  I have argued that the responsibility voters entrust to a candidate at the time of election is a treasured bond that requires elected officials to act with honor while in office.  When that trust is broken, as with Jensen, not only is the law violated, but the trust of the voter is shattered.  When that faith from the voters is replaced with doubt and cynicism our political institutions suffers.

The undermining of our political institutions is the legacy of Scott Jensen.  It is for that reason that I find his latest legal maneuvering pure rubbish.  Asking the appellate court for a new trial because the one in front of Dane County Circuit Court Judge Ebert produced a guilty verdict is a sham.  Jensen is able to make these baseless pleadings as he has unlimited funds to pay for his lawyers and their filings. 

Starting today there will be a listing at the top of my blog of the days since a jury of his peers found Scott Jensen guilty.  I truly think our judicial system should work far better than what this case has demonstrated.

9 thoughts on “354 Days, And Scott Jensen Is Still Free

  1. goofticket

    We’re still waiting for Mark green’s appeal to keep some $1.3 Million in illegally funnelled money.
    Appeals do delay justice, but it will happen.
    This isn’t about the courts, it’s about Jensen’s legal defense team, who are using the system to it’s own embarassment.
    Can Jensen also claim his equal protection rights were violated, like Green is?
    Justice is a two sided street.
    One is a criminal case, one if a tort case.
    Criminal cases should have that advantage, but I agree that this case should go faster.
    Can Van Hollen expidite this, or Biskupic or Bucher?
    They seem a bit quiet these days.

  2. Duckman must think two versions of the justice system exists in America. I am old fashioend enough to still understand we have only one. Duckman must care not at all about the results of Jensen’s actions on the political system. Having worked in the Statehouse I know first hand the down side to this type of activity.

  3. justaskin

    And Scott Jensen was the only person in Madison that was guilty of this practice ????

    Tell me about two sides of the justice system.

    Not that any body suspected what Brian Blanchard was up to.

    And Mark green was doing something illegal when Barrett did the same thing in his Gubernatorial Campaign.

    Change the law dynamically and then spin the info to claim he is sleazy, all the while taking focus off the REAL sleaze-bag.

    Pompous outrage

  4. If you had read all the posts on this matter both here, and elsewhere, you would see that I blasted BOTH parties for the statehouse mess. You would know the Milwaukee DA was also in on the legal side of the Statehouse mess. You would know I sat through large portions of the Jensen trial and was agast at the BS from the stand I heard. You would also know I was in the statehouse at the time much of this was underway in the 1990’s and know of what I write. You would know that I hoped and wrote about the need for Mike Ellis to run for Governor. You would know I endorsed someone other than Doyle for the September Primary and would have voted for a person who ran on a platform of campaign and ethics reform at the Statehouse. You are either not very bright or you just write what comes into your head without thinking. As for Scott Jensen he is on the top of my blog everyday and will remain there until he goes to jail. As a taxpayer you should be outraged, but as a conservative you just follow what the GOP says are the talking points….Jump, boy..Jump! You are a trained monkey.

  5. Al

    Isn’t it great that we still have freedoms in this country to blast the government.
    All accused criminals have the legal right for bond or bail, while under appeal, providing they are not a danger to society.
    Yes, most other white collar criminals are treated the same way.
    But I guess that’s why he hired a lawyer.

    PS I’m still waiting for the “Green Peace” movement to be jailed for the damage and destruction they inficted on the Hummer dealership in Milwaukee, back in 2003.
    Millions of dollars in damages and not one person has spent a day in jail.
    Let’s be fair with your rants.
    You political bias is showing.

  6. And so you were angry too that Georgia Thompson went to prison? You were writing blogs in support of her? You were upset that she ever went to trial? You rejoiced when the verdict was thrown out?

    I think YOUR bias is showing. But thanks for writing.

    I know first hand what can happen under the dome. I know that state taxpayers deserve better.

  7. Joe

    I guess you were all wrong all along! He is allowed to have a fair trial and should not be punished until proven guilty. Shame on that politically motivated judge. I am glad the judge resigned!!!!

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