Annette Ziegler And Sanjaya Malakar Both Weak Links

It is no longer possible for the citizens of Wisconsin to look with any respect at Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Annette Ziegler.  Tonight’s debate on statewide public televison was embarrassing as the ethically challenged Ziegler was again unable and unwillingly to confront her lapses in judgment and judicial demeanor while serving on the circuit bench.  She treated the whole state as fools by giving pablum for responses in relation to the most serious questions about her lack of honesty and fairness while serving as a judge.  It is quite clear that Ziegler does not understand the gravity of her errors while serving as a judge.  She also does not appreciate how upset the voters are with her lapses of judgement, and what that might mean for all of us if she were to be elected to the Supreme Court.

I can only assume by her answers tonight that Ziegler thinks the voters are playthings to be easily manipulated.  In fact we are not. 

Over the past couple weeks the weakest link on “American Idol”, Sanjaya Malakar has beat the odds and remained on the show even though he has no real musical talent.  Meanwhile, for the first time in our state’s history a seriously flawed, and ethically challenged candidate has been placed on the April ballot for Wisconsin State Supreme Court.  After the Barbie doll bouncing look of Ziegler’s hair this evening (Malakar, it should be noted, has funny hairstyles too, and if Zielger can’t respect us with honest answers we should feel no reason to respect her),  and her lack of honesty to the questions, I can only hope that Wisconsin citizens turn out and reject our weakest and ethically challenged link for the Supreme Court.  Perhaps next week America will do the same with Malakar.

We have a duty to vote for integrity, honesty, ethics, and the Wisconsin tradition when we cast our ballot for Linda Clifford on Tuesday.  Ziegler does not fit the profile of an honest person.  Her responses on the debate tonight are proof of that.

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