The Madness Continues, It Must End

There has been much Democratic Congressional activity to bring our troops home from Iraq, while Republicans use parliamentary tactics to slow or stop that progress.  The President has threatened a veto of a bill that would force a dose of sanity into the equation by setting a deadline for the troops to be brought out of the chaos and civil war that is now the result of the U.S. invasion of that Middle Eastern nation.

GOP Presidential candidate John McCain even says that Baghdad’s violence is getting better as the result of Bush’s decision to send even more troops into the heart of the battle at the start of this year.

Well the shocking and sickening news from yesterday should nauseate every American, and energize every member of Congress to work overtime to stop the madness and bring our troops home.

Five suicide bombers struck Shiite marketplaces in northeast Baghdad and a town north of the capital at nightfall Thursday, killing at least 122 people and wounding more than 150 in one of Iraq’s deadliest days in years.The savage attacks came as a new American ambassador began his first day on the job, and Senate Democrats ignored a veto threat and approved a bill to require President Bush to start withdrawing troops.At least 178 people were killed or found dead Thursday, which marked the end of the seventh week of the latest U.S.-Iraqi military drive to curtail violence in Baghdad and surrounding regions.

There is only one sensible and rationale way to proceed and that is to stop the bloodletting that is caused in large part by our continued presence in that country.  The American people must let their feelings be known in letters to the editor, talk shows, church socials, and with friends around the office.  We made our views known loud and clear during the mid-term elections in 2006, but some have forgotten our message when we cast our ballots.  So we need to restate our message again.  Some have forgotten that it is the citizens who pay the taxes and elect our representatives, including the president.  It is the citizens who should control the direction of the nation.   As citizens we again need to be loud, clear, and direct with our message as there seems to be attention deficit disorder among many in Congress and in the White House.

This madness must end.

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4 thoughts on “The Madness Continues, It Must End

  1. I wish more people would pay attention and be angered by this war. The media does not focus enough on the WAR! People forget we’re at war because there isn’t enough emphasis on the deaths, destruction, and drastic plans made by the republicans, and GW.

  2. I know this may sound very conservative, but i think the reason that the news does not focus so much on the death and destruction in the war is because of the negative effect is has on people. I personally hate watching the news because of all of the negative things happening everywhere. I know that i need to, so that I am not blind to the things that happen around me, but it gets depressing. I am a supporter of getting out of Iraq, but not until everything is safe. We like to be safe in America, and so do the Iraq citizens. I wish there was a way that we could train them all faster to govern and defend themselves.

    I also wish we heard on the news the good things happening with the war. I have not yet heard them talk about the positive things they are accomplishing in Iraq. I think that this would help people to realize that the war isn’t so bad (although it is – I have very mixed feelings on the issue. I am supportive of it, and also non-supportive)

  3. Jim Jones

    Do you really think our leaving will stop the bloodshed? It won’t stop, it’ll accelerate. It’s a civil war after all, and that’s what civil wars are all about. The reason both sides hate us is because we are in the way of their killing each other.

    We should still leave. The question of whether Iraq will careen into civil war no longer belongs to us. We just control when. But I am not fooling myself by thinking that the killing will stop when this finally happens. Civil wars don’t work that way.

    Civil war in natural resource based economies is a field of study, you can google it. Most of the data is from conflicts in Africa. The unfortunate prediction from history is that they don’t stop until lots of people have died. The neo-con plan in Iraq was insane, I hope this haunts them in their sleep.

  4. No, our leaving will not stop the civil war but it will take some of the fuel away from the fire. Our being there…our occuaption of a Middle Eastern nation is the most awful policy in my lifetime and needs to end.

    BTW I was probally among the last liberal to come to my current point of view. I for a long time, though I opposed the war, supported the efforts to leave the nation at least with a stable governement. That is no longer a working option.

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