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Spring REALLY Starts on April 21st.

April 20, 2007

I know that some think that March 21st is the start of spring.  A great friend in the Twin Cities might feel more inclined to think that spring starts the day he sees the first daffodils bloom.  For me the start of spring takes place in just a few hours!

The event that really kicks off the warm weather and carefree living in Madison is the Dane County Farmers Market.  It begins at dawn in Madison on Saturday, April 21st around the Statehouse.  Our market is special, and I am not just bragging.  By all accounts the market is the largest producer-only market in the nation.  All the products are from Wisconsin, and in addition to the 300 vendors that will show up as their produce becomes available, there is also entertainment and all sorts of booths with special interest material.

I think the only way to view the market is with a donut in your hand, and more in a bag when the other has been eaten.  The potato buttermilk donuts that are sold in the vicinity of West Washington are what Grandma’s make and kids of all ages love to eat.  And lets be serious about this purchase.  They will ask if you want plain or sugared…….and they ask with a straight face……I am not sure I trust those who select plain….

The thing that really amazes me is how as many as 20,000 people all know how to walk in the correct direction every weekend, every year around the Square.  I have often wondered what would happen if a thousand people just turned around at once and started walking in the opposite direction.  And I wonder if anyone else has ever thought that same thing?

Spring is REALLY about to start, and I hope that everyone who reads this can make it to at least one market this year in Madison.  They run through the first weekend of November.    We go each weekend so if you see a good-looking couple at the market eating sugared buttermilk donuts stop and say HI!  Talking at the market is as fun as eating the donuts….well almost.

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