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How Does A Republican Legislator Face Their Gay Child?

April 25, 2007

How does any Republican legislator face their gay child after failing to stand up for social justice in the Statehouse?  Those of us with a moral compass and sense of duty to fairness know the answer.  First we would never shirk our responsibility to our kids as some of us do understand and practice family values, and second we understand the bigger issue of equality in our society.

But the Joint Finance Committee is ready to strip Governor Jim Doyle’s proposal for domestic partner benefits, which also effects children in those homes,  from the budget bill.  The reason they cite is the lack of any member of the Republican side to vote in favor of the issue.  All state employees should be treated with the same respect, rights, and benefits, as it is only logical and the correct course of decency and common sense.  Public policy should not be designed to punish a group for political purposes.  But that is exactly what the GOP is doing by carrying water for the religious right wing.  The Republican Party seems to relish the idea of making gay people second class citizens, and they do it all with a smile and false sense of piety.  How can any Republican legislator face their own gay child after acting in such a loathsome manner?

Today state employees can share health insurance benefits with married spouses.  But since the conservatives worked overtime to insure that our State Constitution would not afford that right to gay couples there is a need to work piecemeal to receive fairness.  If a gay couple of 18 years cannot share health insurance, but a married couple of 18 months can, one does not need to do much soul-searching to know there needs to be a policy correction.  Why should domestic partners be at a disadvantage?  There is no rational explanation except bigotry.  None!

It baffles me why Republican legislators will not stand up for gay state residents.  There are stats that show in 98 of the 99 Assembly Districts employers offer same sex benefits.  Society has moved way beyond the limited reasoning of the Republican members of the Wisconsin Legislature.  Gay themes are found in movies, TV shows, and college kids are far more enlightened and reasonable on the topic according to the surveys.  There is far more tolerance and understanding in society as a whole, than in the GOP caucus under the dome.

When the history books are written on the outlandish bigotry and callous disregard for human rights the actions such as those by Republicans will not go unnoticed.  The problem is of course that all those adversely affected will never have the chance to live their lives over without the GOP group think.

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