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It Is Good To Have Tony Snow Back!

April 30, 2007

I truly respect the role of the White House Press Secretary.  Be it a Republican or Democratic administration, the job is a daily tightrope walk that demands skills far and above any that most of us could possibly hope to possess.  Yet it is the job that I have wanted since being a kid.  Well, that and being an astronaut.  To watch the interaction and jousting between any administration press secretary that desires favorable press, and the demands of a public to know and understand the truth, makes that spokesperson an essential part of any White House operation.

I have the highest regard for Tony Snow and the way that he banters with the press, all the while sticking to his talking points.  He is respected among the White House press because at his core he understands the role of the press, and respects the members of the fourth estate.  That is an essential difference that others such as President Nixon’s spokesman Ron Zielger never understood.

So it was a joyous moment not only in the White House pressroom, but across the nation, that a very emotional Tony Snow took the podium today, and was back at the job he clearly loves.  The cancer he fought has returned, but if his demeanor today is any indication of the future, he will win this latest battle as well.  He will receive chemo treatments every other week for four months.

We are all wishing the very best for a quick turn of events with Snow’s health, and many more wonderful days with him behind the famous podium as he tackles the questions thrown his way.

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