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Onwards To A New Week

May 20, 2007

This past week was just chaotic.  With everything that was going on in our lives here I often felt without energy, and as a result my blog missed big stories.  I wanted to comment on the latest concerning Annette Ziegler, elected to the Wisconsin Supreme Court in April, and now facing a firestorm of criticism.   I wanted to post about the latest news from the U.S. Justice Department.  The news this past week from there was more like what I might expect to read in a spy drama.  But those stories and others never made it here as time did not allow, and my spirit was not really in the ballgame of politics.

This week I hope that changes and my readers can again find some spit balls thrown at the proper targets.  If that fails I can always post a picture of the corn in our garden.  It was planted two weeks ago and is now three inches tall!  And in the end it is the growing of corn, or other such pursuits, that really makes life enjoyable anyway.

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