He Wasn’t A Legislator Either

I have thought many times about creating a list of the amusing things I hear people say on the street, in the grocery store, mall, or movie theatre.  The innocent off-the-cuff remarks are both funny at times, and reflective of the world in which we live.  Today I was downtown on business, and thought a walk around the sidewalk of the Statehouse would be relaxing.  I was not really paying attention while munching a bag of M&M’s when a guy passed me talking loudly into his cell phone.

“No, Ma, I can’t come to eat with you cuz I still got the bracelet on.”

I turned and glanced down, and there it was.  His electronic monitoring bracelet on his ankle.  Not sure if the flip-flops however were the right accessories with the whole package.  I had to feel kind of sorry for the young guy as he walked way.  One hand holding the cell phone, and the other his shorts so they would not fall around his ankles.  Now that would be a real fashion faux pax.

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