There Is An Energetic Anger In America Tonight

Yesterday at lunch a young waiter asked if there was anything else he could get us.  I responded that a new president would be nice.  Without missing a beat he said that in roughly 450 days I would have one.  He then shared his disgust with President Bush.  He warmed to the topic and was quite impressive.  The young man was off by only about 25 days, but the energy he demonstrated so quickly about the removal of President Bush is the same all over the country.  There is a strong desire for a change in policy, change in direction, and change in leadership.  The fact that Democratic presidential candidates are raising more campaign cash than Republicans says a great deal.  Even Paul Harvey had to report today on his mid-day broadcast that the numbers from the last campaign reporting period are lopsided.  I think the American people are already ‘voting’ in their hearts and minds.  Things must change.

Meanwhile in the United States Senate……..

At dinner tables tonight the talk is not of procedures used in the Senate to stall the Iraq War amendments.  Instead it is of the Republicans and the White House that have again stymied the will of the American public to end this senseless war.  There is no support for this war except from the political hacks that profit from rehashing the same old trite lines that now fail to inspire anyone.  The public is no longer listening to the rhetoric.  They have moved on in their thinking, and though they have not settled on which one candidate they want elected in 2008, they do know what they are opposed to. 

What happened in the Senate today is symptomatic of what angers the public.   When pure politics blocks the will of the public the party that created the roadblock should be aware of the pitfalls.  The folks across the country that feel let down by the Senate action today may not call their elected official, or write a letter to the editor to complain.  But deeper and longer term anger is boiling in America. 

Election Day 2008 will be when the national roadblocks will be dealt with.

Countdown to the Ames Straw Poll: 24 days
Countdown to Iowa: 190 days
Countdown to Tsunami Tuesday: 201 days
Countdown to Election Day 2008: 475 days
Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 552 days

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