Smoking In Public, Peeing In Pools

It is all the same.

Though the Wisconsin Tavern League will disagree with a smoking ban in the state.  But they always are on the other side of these issues.

Late Sunday we drove to Monona to have late night food.  A greasy burger and fries were on my mind.  But when we entered the Denny’s restaurant I was greeted with the stench of smokers with their cancer sticks.  Just outside of Madison, this eating-place actually still thought they could place both smokers and nonsmokers under the same roof and no one would notice.  Some still have a quaint sense of humor about how smoke travels in an enclosed place.

I write this in light of the enlightened approach that Illinois took this week in regards to the health of their citizens.  The elected officials made it clear.

Places long associated with smoker-friendly policies — casinos, bars and private clubs such as VFWs and American Legions — all will be smoke-free.Even outside spaces aren’t a free-for-all. The law requires that smokers remain 15 feet away from the doors and windows of a public place.Some Illinois hospitals have banned smoking anywhere on hospital property, and a handful of suburban towns also limit smoking on park district property.

Statewide smoking bans are in place all over the nation, and Wisconsin should get with the program of looking out for the health of the people.  Living in Madison I already know and appreciate the benefits of our sensible no smoking policy that promotes our health over the interests and profits of the tobacco industry. 

The parochial views by the Wisconsin Tavern League, which often runs counter to common sense, should be rejected by the legislature.  The League sees doom and gloom every time a restriction is proposed on a bar, and so one needs to keep their track record in mind when thinking about the merits of a statewide ban.  There now is a bill in State Senate committee that would address our needs.  A bill of that type will become law sooner or later here.  We all know that.  But think how nice it would be to enjoy it now.

Let us contact a thinking member of the Wisconsin Legislature and tell them to get moving on the measure.

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6 thoughts on “Smoking In Public, Peeing In Pools

  1. Ben Masel

    Not arguing the underlying merits, but the “Illinois did it, therefore we should ‘get with the program'”” argument is specious.

  2. kr

    My father stubbed out his last cigarette when I was five years old — old half a century ago. About 15 years ago he moved to Florida and hung out at Legion post where the boys did three packs a day. My father went through the pain of lung cancer and finally died from him. His buddies peed in his pool.

  3. Ate at a Perkins recently here in town and made a comment to the waitress that it is surprising to see a smoking section in a restaurant these days. She said as long as they are 24 hours they will always have one. That is the beauty of having choice in America you can choose a restaurant that has non smoking or you can avoid it. And that way instead of government poking its nose in where it does not belong you get to decide how you want to live your life, not the government busy bodies,

  4. Franko

    Notalib: the beauty of having choice in America”.

    What a crock! What about the lack of choice on medical marijuana?

    It’s okay to smoke yourself and others to death and that is freedom? Meanwhile, there is no freedom to use mmj.

  5. Recently moved to a diff. state – where smoking is still allowed in bars – BARF!!! I have to shower when I get home from a night out so I dont smell smoke on my hair all night!

    But… I may or may not have peed in a pool. Sorry.

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