A Touch Of Provence


Have you ever noticed that no matter how many people are in your home, regardless of the occasion, they all congregate in the kitchen?  It was that way in my home as a kid, (still is) and I want that same feel in our new home.  James had the same experiences while growing up at his home in Maine. He is the first to always make sure that the teapot is on, and food is offered to our guests.  I think our new kitchen will be the place for lots of warm memories.   The kitchen is the brightest in color, because as with any home this is where family and friends gather for food and laughter.  While one door is blue in the kitchen, the other door leading to the hallway is red. 

Both of us have said over that past few days that we do not want be a painter or a professional mover when we grow up.   I have done more of these things this summer than I ever planned to do.  Just think of how much painters tape was involved in making these three colors happen….I am soooo done with painting.  To be fair James has held the brush more often than I have for the detail painting.

There is only some more “Apple A Day” red to be completed on the trim in the kitchen.  Pictured on the walls there is “Yukon Gold” yellow, and “Chinese Porcelain” blue which gives that look that says “WELCOME”!   But after the trim is completed the paint brushes will be banished from our sight.  Seven painted rooms in six weeks!  The summer project is coming to a close and the move has started.  By mid-August it will all be completed.  Thankfully we have time to do the move in segments, instead of a one day orgy of madness.

5 thoughts on “A Touch Of Provence

  1. Thanks! I love the bright colors and know they really liven up the senses. The other rooms are not as bright but still colorful. The living room for instance is hemlock green. Maybe down the road here some more pics.

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