One of the More Shocking Displays Of Greed And Insensitivity I Have Seen From This White House

I know that we all are very pleased to know that in 500 days President Bush will exit the Oval Office.  And I know we ask him to leave some parts of the United States Constitution in tact after his dreadful terms in office.  I also know that nothing should shock or sour us anymore about this man in the White House.


It has been reported that the President, a privileged son of a former president, is also looking ahead to the days when he will no longer be in office.  His plans include helping out the less fortunate by building houses with President Carter, and traveling the world to help solve complex problems by using his immense goodwill that he has amassed over the years. Like President Clinton he also has his intellect to fall back on…….

Oh, lets face it…..President Bush isn’t even worthy or capable of carrying Jimmy’s hammer, or Bill’s many reading books.  And George can’t even pronounce ‘intellect’.

Instead Bush, according to Robert Draper, a journalist who has written, “Dead Certain” plans to make speeches and reap cash.  Bush is already a multi-millionaire, but without any core values or moral standards to guide him sees only dollar signs in his future.

As President Bush told Draper, “I’ll give some speeches, just to replenish the ol’ coffers. I don’t know what my dad gets – it’s more than 50-75 thousand dollars per speech.” He also noted: “Clinton’s making a lot of money.”

To speak of such things while in the Oval Office, and a war rages in the Middle East killing Iraqi citizens, along with nearly 4,000 American soldiers, is perhaps one of the more shocking displays of greed and insensitivity I have seen from this White House.

I have said so many times that nothing will shock me about this man….but….he just keeps proving me wrong. 

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4 thoughts on “One of the More Shocking Displays Of Greed And Insensitivity I Have Seen From This White House

  1. notalib

    This one is a humor post right, not a serious post. The President was asked a question by the ignorant main stream liberal media and then the BDS use it to attack the man.

    But then you post this gem which made me laugh so hard I had tears streaming, “Bush is already a multi-millionaire, but without any core values or moral standards to guide him sees only dollar signs in his future.”

    lets take a look at the man so many called our first colored president, the man who could feel you pain, the man who understands the common man ….

    Bill Clinton Speaking Fees

    2002 $9,500,000
    2005 $7,500,000
    2006 at least $10,000,000

    According to new filings that show he and his presidential- candidate wife have at least $10 million in the bank, and may have closer to $50 million.

    Just typical leftwing double standard in your post.

  2. I only ask that you have your facts prior to commenting. I do not ask that you agree with that I write, it is more fun when we do not. But you must have your facts straight. Here goes.

    1) The person you describe as memeber of the liberal media, is in fact not a liberal, and was in fact chosen by President Bush to have inside coverage of the Bush White House in order to write a book that would spin Bush’s story his way.

    2) Bush started a war that has killed nearly 4,000 Americans (more than died on 9/11!) and while they die and bleed he sat in the White House and mused about cashing in on his time in office. Cold and with a moral foundation. And stupid. One may think a thing like that, which is bad enough, but to give voice to it…..

    3)When you place the work that Clinton, through his foundation acting on such things as AIDS in Africa, vs. Bush Sr. who only makes cash and has no project such as Carter or Clinton, you can see why Bush Junior has no foundations to emulate at home. There is no moral center to the man.

    His comments are as he stated them, and no liberal blogger can make them anything other than what they are.

  3. The issue here is of course the money grabbing man in the White House while a war rages in the Middle East.

    Every arguement that a conservative is not making progress with causes him/her to think that Bill Clinton is the answer to the debate. Mindless conservatives forget how popular Bill is today, just as was the case while in the White House.

    I will let notalib have his last comment posted here off topic to the blog entry….but then he does deserve a reply. After all this is not hate right wing radio or FAUX News where the charge is made, and no time for a response is given.

    Like Jimmy Carter before him, Bill Clinton has arguably been more effective outside the Oval Office than he was inside it. Since 2000, he has traveled the world raising money for HIV/AIDS treatment in Africa, using his fame to get world leaders to think about climate change and how to combat poverty. In three years, his Clinton Global Initiative – a conference that draws the best minds from around the world – has raised more than $10 billion to address such problems. Can you see President Bush the drug addict and drunk doing the same?

    Clinton’s special causes run an enormous gamut, from funding and staffing his presidential library in Arkansas, to climate change, to childhood obesity, to getting antiviral HIV and AIDS drugs for children in Africa.

    In 2005, the Clinton Foundation’s goal was to treat 10,000 children with these drugs in 10 countries.

    The Foundation, whose mission it is to “strengthen the capacity of people in the United States and throughout the world to meet the challenges of global interdependence,” is based in Harlem.

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