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Senator Hagel’s Farewell Is America’s Loss

September 8, 2007

I am sorry to read this morning that Senator Hagel is set to retire from the U.S. Senate.  His determination to bring sanity to the Republican Party, and his work to steer the nation away from the flawed Iraq War was brave.  He proved what a leader should look like.  Had he run for President in 2008 his voice and views would have been refreshing.  But on Monday the Nebraska Republican will retire from the Senate, and reportedly will make a statement that he is not seeking the White House.  It is America’s loss. 

I have a fondness for brave folks in politics that swim upstream, not because it will draw attention to them, but because they know there is no other path that their conscience will allow them to proceed on.  The type of leader that Hagel was in Washington is a rarity, and one that any aspiring young mind hoping to launch a political career might try to emulate.

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