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Johnson County Graphic Newspaper: “Narrow Political Agenda”

September 13, 2007

The following comment was posted on the blog entry about the Johnson County Graphic, and their bigoted policy of excluding names of same sex partners in obituaries.  The facts presented in the comment were of such quality that I take liberty of using the entire text as a post here.  The writer was Steven.  (Thanks for the comments)

I am outraged by this news and will be calling the Johnson County Graphic myself tomorrow too. I have a few questions for them about this policy of theirs.

Does this “family-oriented” policy of theirs extend to all unmarried couples? Why do I have the distinct feeling that the Graphic would not exclude someone if they were listed as a fiancée? Why do I suspect that in this day and age where more and more of our nation’s Seniors are living in relationships where they are not married, but are together for companionship, that this paper would not exclude them either? More importantly, why would a newspaper of any quality whatsoever create a policy that only works to single out only one type of person–gay? According to the last census, in Johnson County there were roughly 22000 households, of which 366 were of the unspeakable sort. Why would you create a policy to attack less than 1.6% of the population. And then to implement such a hateful policy in someone’s mother’s obituary. My GOD the lack of humanity!!

It seems to me that this is a convenient way to make the “gay problem” go away–just exclude them from your paper when necessary and Voila!, problem solved.

The real problem is of course that this paper likely only implements this policy of theirs when it suits their own narrow political agenda. I am willing to bet that if they could get their hands on some photo of cross-dressers in a Pride Parade, or write of some Senator demeaning himself (and everyone who is gay in the process), that they would print that story. It is helpful in that sort of case, when one wants to demonize all gay people as being promiscuous or living some strange and unacceptable ‘lifestyle’, not to have any recognizable sign that there are thousands of gay couples all across America. In fact, my relationship, which can not as of yet be sanctified under law, has lasted longer than the average marriage in the country!

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