Paul Soglin Is Correct

Sometimes a blog post is so ‘on target’ that it just requires a link, and no other words. 

BTW, when you read his words be sure to vote in the National League Central poll.  I voted “Cubbies” as they are a team with spirit and drive like no other.  You can hear them now, “We Think We Can…We Think We Can…”

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Media Whore Alan Keyes Runs For President

How this nugget escaped my attention until today shows that everything else in life is more important than Alan Keyes.  He joined others seeking the Republican nomination because, in his words, “there isn’t a standout,” and therefore his entry was essential.   I had no idea that the GOP was in such condition that it required Keyes to save it.  (Does the GOP know this?) Considering that he claims to be opposed to drug use, one has to wonder what makes him think such a thing since he will only be a nuisance on the stage during any debate.  And we all know the only thing America really needs is yet another podium with another constipated conservative railing against everything during these GOP debates.

Keyes proved he was nothing more than a media whore during his absolutely insane race for Illinois Senator in 2004.  The fact that even the GOP was shunning him and wishing the embarrassment that he created would just leave the  home of Lincoln is more than anyone needs to know about this blowhard.  In addition to seeking the White House twice before (you recall his terms in office?) he also was body slammed by the voters twice in Maryland when he sought a U.S. Senate seat.  He just seems to travel to the next vacant seat in America and starts harping on issues.  It seems everyone is aware what Alan Keyes really is, except the man himself.

The only reason that Keyes gets into these races is to taste the fleeting moments of fame that come with the media stories.  He is nothing but a media whore with a message that does not resonate due to the despicable messenger.

Keyes wants everyone to think that God leads his life.  But I think Keyes might listen a bit harder to the message from above and seek another path.  Public office is not in the cards.  God is not so angry with us that he would allow Keyes any real power.

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