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More Statewide Reaction To GOP Budget Mess In Madison

October 12, 2007

There is no shortage of views around the state from newspapers about the budget impasse in Madison due to GOP politics.  I feel the OP/Ed pages of newspapers are a key barometer to understanding where this story is going.

From The Shepherd Express

Wisconsin is a biotech hub that could lead to even more growth in this promising sector of the economy. To attract more high-tech companies to the state, legislators are offering some tax exemptions that are supposed to begin this year. But no budget means that the tax incentives won’t kick in, and Wisconsin won’t be able to take advantage of our edge in the biotech industry.

From The Beloit Daily News

Critics say  Gov. Jim Doyle’s decision to call the Wisconsin Legislature into a special budget session is just a political stunt. And maybe it is.But if that’s what it takes to put statewide pressure on the do-nothing legislators to get to work and accomplish what they’re paid for, so be it. Somebody has to get this embarrassing mess – Wisconsin is the only state unable to pass a budget – resolved and we credit Governor Doyle for at least trying.

It is obvious to any observer what is really going on. This is all about politics and power, and the flexing of partisan muscle. Republicans had been accustomed to controlling the legislative levers, even if a Democrat did occupy the governor’s mansion. But now Democrats control the governorship and the state Senate, and believe they should be exercising the upper hand on policy matters. Republicans, still in control of the Assembly, clearly are sending the message that they remain a power to be reckoned with.And so Wisconsin is stuck in this my-daddy-can-beat-up-your-daddy foolishness. Both sides are focused on the spoils of power, rather than service to constituents.

Now that’s leadership.

From The Tomah Journal

Prisons in Wisconsin will be reduced to warehousing institutions if a state budget isn’t passed soon. That was the message from state Department of Corrections Secretary Rick Raemisch, who addressed the Tomah Rotary Club Tuesday at the Ground Round Restaurant in Tomah.He warned that corrections will be left with a “keep-the-lights-on budget” unless a new budget is enacted.

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  1. Publius permalink
    October 12, 2007 4:28 PM

    Why are the Republicans more to blame for the impasse than Democrats?

    None of the editorials you’ve listed blame just the GOP. You are the only one doing that here.

    Maybe you’ve drank too much Kool-Aid, er, caffeine.

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