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National Newspaper Week…Reporters Are The Ones Who Truly Keep Us Free

October 12, 2007

There has been a great deal going on this week both at home and around the world.  But I think it important to slow down long enough to recognize that this week is National Newspaper Week.  As such I posted two blog entries this week about various newspapers around Wisconsin in relation to the budget woes in Madison.

The role of the free press is often misunderstood or taken for granted. It is only through a well informed and educated citizenry that our government can act in accordance with our wishes.  And as we have seen on the national level there is every reason to have a check on the abuse of power!

Newspapers have historically been in the lead for working tirelessly to insure we are better informed as a nation, and protected from those in power who wish to work against the people.  While efforts are always underway to undermine the free press or to ridicule it, one only need to read history to know that the first thing a dictator does is stop the presses. 

What we have in America is a remarkable array of newspapers.  And those of us living in Madison know how fortunate we are to have two daily newspapers, including an afternoon progressive publication.  We have only ourselves to blame if we as a nation do not read more of these news sources.

I have said before, and it should be repeated during National Newspaper Week, that the true heroes in our nation are journalists, and not soldiers.  It has always been this way. Reporters are the ones who truly keep us free.  At a time of war there will be some who get their undies knotted over that fact, but it does not change it from being true.

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