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Wisconsin Right Wing Radio And Conservative Bloggers Aim To Stop Budget With Statehouse Rally

October 12, 2007

Look no further if you are still not convinced that elected Republican Representatives in the Wisconsin Legislature are not being held hostage by the wing nuts of the party.  There is a rally planned in Madison on Wednesday (slick timing so to stop any budget deal with the start of the special session on Monday) with a line-up of cracked thinkers like Vicki McKenna!  Her voice is so shrill and scratchy (bet she smokes) that there should be a concern the statehouse might crack if she were to be amplified. In fact the rally will showcase several radio blowhards that have turned AM radio into a pisshole of hate and loud mouths.  In addition, the GOP knuckle draggers of the internet will also show up to spout schlock in person about why they can’t possibly support more funding for the University of Wisconsin.  IF EVER THERE WAS A NEED FOR A GROUP TO GET SOME EDUCATION….

The whole purpose of the rally is to undermine the efforts of moderates in the GOP to finish a state budget for the people of Wisconsin.

This is yet another clear demonstration that the conservatives have no interest in governing, but only in obstruction.  By scheduling the rally on Wednesday there is no other way to read the true intent of these agitators.  They only shine when they can beat their own chests in order to increase their ratings or readership.  They have no care about the real grown-up policy decisions that need to be made inside the Statehouse.   Only fiscal ruin awaits our state if we were to allow them victory.

This smug group of anti-intellectuals hell-bent on stopping the budget is the latest example of what so many of us have been saying for so long. 


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