If The GOP Wants A Rally…Let Us Give Them A Rally!

We need you to be on hand to welcome members of the anti-tax crowd to the State Capitol on Wednesday, October 17th, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. The “Americans for Prosperity”, a right-wing, anti public-employee, anti-government group is having a rally at the Capitol. Their goal is to fan anti-tax flames and encourage Republican members of the State Assembly to continue blocking the long overdue state budget. We are issuing the call to all Locals, our partners, coalition members, other AFSCME affiliates, and any other like-minded groups to join with us in a counter demonstration.

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One Wisconsin Now Showcasing The Excuses Republicans Make For Budget Mess

If David Letterman can have the Top Ten, why can’t we have ours concerning Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Mike Huebsch and his fellow members of the conservative Republican three thumb society?

Read what has been posted, and then create your own ‘Excuse’ as the one the GOP may use next in their efforts to stop your government from working in Wisconsin.

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Revolutionary Spanish Lesson By Martin Espada

This made me laugh today.  It comes from the book “Alabanza” by Martin Espada.  This is the first poem to make it on this blog.  Get ready to smile.

Whenever my name

is mispronounced,

I want to buy a toy pistol,

put on dark eyeglasses,

push my beret at an angle,

comb my beard to a point,

hijack a busload

of Republican tourists

from Wisconsin,

force them to chant

anti-American slogans

in Spanish,

and wait

for the bilingual SWAT team

to helicopter overhead,

begging me

to be reasonable.

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Best Paragraphs From Sunday’s Newspaper

Once again Thomas Friedman from The New York Times is a must read today.   How Bush wasted his Presidency seems to sum it all up…..

Mr. Gore lost the presidency, but in the dignity and grace with which he gave up his legal fight, he united America. Then, faced with what to do with the rest of his life, he took up a personal crusade to combat climate change, even though the odds were stacked against him, his soapbox was small, his audiences were measured in hundreds, and his critics were legion. Nevertheless, Mr. Gore stuck with it and over time has played a central role in building a global consensus for action on this issue.

Indeed, Mr. Bush, rather than taking all that unity and using it to rebuild America for the 21st century, took all that unity and used it to push the narrow agenda of his “base.” He used all that unity to take a far-right agenda on taxes and social issues that was going nowhere on 9/10 and drive it into a 9/12 world.

Never has so much national unity — which could have been used to develop a real energy policy, reverse our coming Social Security deficit, assemble a lasting coalition to deal with Afghanistan and Iraq, maybe even get a national health care program — been used to build so little. That is what historians will note most about Mr. Bush’s tenure — the sheer wasted opportunity of it all.

“Gore, even without the presidency, used all the modern tools of communication, the Internet, video and globalization to reach out and galvanize a global movement,” Mr. Rothkopf said. “Bush took the greatest platform in the world and dug himself a policy grave.”

In sum, Al Gore has been justly honored for highlighting — like no one else — the climate challenge. But we still need a vision, a strategy, an army and a commander in the White House who can inspire young and old — not only to meet that challenge but to see in it the opportunity to make America a better, stronger and more productive nation. This is our crucible moment.

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