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Iowa Up, Fred Down, Clinton Up, Bush Down, New Hampshire Ponders

October 17, 2007

There is no shortage of news from the political world today.

As CNN reports Fred Thompson, once the hope and dream of so many Republicans, has already hit the ceiling in the polls and is falling. Thump!

Support for his campaign has also wavered. The new CNN poll by the Opinion Research Corporation released Tuesday shows Thompson’s support dropping — now at 19 percent, down from 27 percent in September.

He’s now running second, slightly ahead of Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, who has 17 percent. Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, still leads with 27 percent.

Of the remaining Republican presidential candidates, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney received support from 13 percent of the Republicans polled, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee received 5 percent, Rep. Duncan Hunter of California received 3 percent, Rep. Ron Paul of Texas received 2 percent, Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas received 1 percent and Rep. Tom Tancredo of Colorado received 1 percent.

Meanwhile much to my continuing dismay the battle for the White House keeps getting earlier.  On Tuesday Iowa Republicans decided that January 3rd will be the date for their state caucus.  That is roughly 10 days earlier than expected.  Under the plans that were established the caucus was to be held on January 14th, followed by Nevada on January 19, and then the famed New Hampshire Primary on January 22nd.  The Iowa Democrats are expected to now also have their caucuses either the same day, or soon thereafter.

All this is part of the frenzy of front loading the process which will insure that a nominee is known by early February.  And I think we will know for all practical purposes before that time.  The next question is what will New Hampshire do to prove its power in the nominating process?

In the past the Iowa caucus was held 8 days before the New Hampshire contest.  New Hampshire also has a state law that mandates that their primary be held 7 days before any other state primary.

Democrats are starting to jell around Senator Clinton who has amassed a sizable war chest for the primaries and has now garnered the support of the majority of those democrats polled.  But the man she is trying to replace can’t seem to get his head above the water. 

As Reuters reports the nation is not happy with President Bush, or the way things are going in the nation.

Deepening unhappiness with President George W. Bush and the U.S. Congress soured the mood of Americans and sent Bush’s approval rating to another record low this month, according to a Reuters/Zogby poll released on Wednesday.

The Reuters/Zogby Index, which measures the mood of the country, also fell from 98.8 to 96 — the second consecutive month it has dropped. The number of Americans who believe the country is on the wrong track jumped four points to 66 percent.

Bush’s job approval rating fell to 24 percent from last month’s record low for a Zogby poll of 29 percent. A paltry 11 percent gave Congress a positive grade, tying last month’s record low.

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