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A Scandal We Can Just Sit Back And Enjoy

October 22, 2007

There have been too many big and important news stories this year that directly impact our lives.  Because they are truly vital news stories they carry a degree of stress.  A continuing war in the Middle East, and a bitter fight over Wisconsin’s state budget are but two examples.  So what we need is a story with intrigue that we can follow but that will not impact us directly.  You know, a story with a juicy scandal involving money, sex, and religion, all tied together with eccentric characters who can act out their parts as we all sit back and laugh over the events.

Would you believe that such a story is now brewing and presents itself for our enjoyment?

 “The devil is not going to steal ORU,” says the 89-year-old Oral Roberts to a packed crowd this week in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The one time fiery minister of Oral Roberts University who has manipulated and cajoled many millions of dollars from Americans, is now trying to tap dance his way around a scandal that again  touches his family directly. 

The latest such scandal involves former professors who claim Richard Robert’s son (also named Oral Roberts) and his wife, Lindsay, lavishly spent university funds and improperly meddled in a local political race.   The son took a leave of absence as the school’s president last week. 

But tonight a huge rally was held in Tulsa to support the plaintiffs.  Clergy from across the country, and the professors who claim they were wrongly fired, are demanding Roberts step down.  The professors have sued for wrongful termination.

The allegations against Roberts and his wife are the type that makes for TV dramas.  Claims that university funds covered numerous home remodels and a $29,411 senior trip to the Bahamas for one of Roberts’ daughters, and that 29 photos showed Roberts’ wife riding in her sports car with an underage male.  I strongly suspect from the various news accounts and interviews that Robert’s wife was having sex with students.  Allegations show that she spent the night in the ORU guesthouse with an underage male at least nine times.  I am sure they were not just reading the Good Book.

Lindsay Roberts says of course that she lived her life in “a morally upright manner” and had never engaged in any sexual behavior with any man outside of her marriage as the accusations imply.  Right! 

All this tripe is just what we need in the midst of stressful news and real worries that take center stage in the morning newspapers.  The Oral Roberts mess reminds us that TV ministers should be shunned  (even banned?) from our lives.  But they do break up the seriousness of the news, and that serves a purpose in this stressful world.

So let us relax and enjoy the twisted world of those caught up in Oral Roberts and his continuing series of scandals.

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