Prayers Needed For Porter Wagoner


A couple hours after this was posted, I learned that Porter Wagoner died. 

Just weeks ago Porter Wagoner was on late night TV singing the latest single from his new album, that has received amazing reviews.  On “Late Night With David Letterman” he performed music from “Wagonmaster”.  This year he celebrated his 50th year at the Grand Ole Opry, and had his old singing partner Dolly Parton show up and sing for him.

When Parton ended her serenade to Wagoner, who was sitting on a stool during the song, she had to wipe away his tears and said, “You can get up now, I’m done hollering at you!”

Early last week Porter was admitted to a hospital.  According to WSM DJ Eddie Stubbs, Porter’s lung cancer is moving aggressively, and on Friday was transferred from the hospital to a hospice care facility.

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