The Early Halloween Crowd On The Madison Isthmus


We enjoyed Halloween for the first time in our new home.  The young folks…..and not so young…….were really creative and lively.  What a nice evening in Madison!

Two little princesses showed up at our door, and after they had taken some candy I offered some to their mom.  One of the small girls looked up and said most sincerely, “Oh, no, she can’t eat corn.” (Say again?) The mother smiled and ushered the children on to their next stop.



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CQ Has New Site For Political News

If you are a news and political junkie like I am you are aware that the internet is loaded with sites for information and useful tidbits.  But to use our time more constructively we opt for the sites where the content is fresh, and the writing punchy and laced with facts.  We also want the writers to care about their topics. 

So I was pleased today to learn that Congressional Quarterly (CQ) has now started a free web based service.   CQ has been one of the best sources for the inside stories of Washington and Congress in the past, and now many more will have access to their work with this new site.  With the largest team of 160 reporters covering Washington one expects excellent coverage, and that is what they provide.

So as the Editor and Chief of CQ Politics stated on the opening page this morning, the new site is for those of us who care about politics and the future of the nation.

Welcome to CQ Politics, CQ’s new and expanded free Web site designed to provide the latest and hottest political information for people like you, intently focused on where our country is headed. If it’s about American politics, you’ll get it here — straight up.

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