It Has Arrived!


The first snow flakes and ice pellets of the season are falling as I write!  Shortly before 4:00 P.M.  YEAH!

Every other time this has happened in my life I called my mom with the news.  From my days in Wausau and Door County, to the various places I lived in Madison, she was the one who first heard the news.  In the later years she would at times say that my dad, upon hearing the phone ring, would guess that given the forecast, that it was me ringing the phone to say the flakes were spotted.  My love affair with  snow has been a long time thing.  As was the annual phone call.

This year there is no call.  Instead I share the news with you all here.

Enjoy the start of winter.  The wind is whipping the frozen pellets along the driveway with fury. 

But as is typical of these early snow flurries they are followed soon with sun as the pictures show.


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